Move Over Mophie, The Boost Case Hybrid Makes No Compromises And Takes No Prisoners [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – The remarkable success of Mophie’s Juice Pack Air has inevitably resulted in a locust storm of battery case also-rans at this year’s CES, but of the lot of them, the Boost Case Hybrid is the one we like best. Why? Because Boost Case understands that you don’t always want to carry around all that extra battery. They just want to make it easy for you when you do.

Debuting at this year’s CES, Boost Case Hybrids break down into two parts: a minimal case that come in a variety of attractive colors, and a snap-on battery pack in either black or white. If you want to go light and know you’ll be near an outlet later, you can leave the battery pack at home, but if you know it’ll be a while until you get a charge, you can attach the battery pack to the case.

The two segments of the Boost Case Hybrid fit together as snugly as if they were of one flesh, and while the 1900mAH battery is a smidge wimpier than you’d get in a less adaptable solution like the Mophie Juice Pack Air or even Boost Case’s other battery cases, it’s still enough to extend your iPhone’s battery life by an additional 100%.

The Boost Case Hybrid is on sale now from the Boost Case website. Each one costs $79.99. We’re getting a review unit, so check back later if you want to see how the Hybrid goes through the paces when compared to the competition.

  • Josh Yates

    Wow…looks pretty sweet.  I may have to get my hands on one.  One question, can you tell me if the white/red combination is actually red?  It looks orange on the website and on Amazon…

  • Dustin Mazzio

    How is the 1900mAh wimpier than the Juicepack Air?  The Air only has a 1500mAh battery…

  • Justin Pullin

    theyre talking about the juice pack plus