Add Music Controls To The Home Screen Of Your Jailbroken iOS Device With SpringPod



If you’re listening to music in the background while you use other apps on your iOS device, it’s quick and easy to control your Music app by using the buttons in the multitasking tray. If you have a faulty home button, however — which is a common problem on Apple’s iOS devices — you may have an issue.

Thankfully, SpringPod offers an alternative solution by adding music controls to your home screen.

Once installed, SpringPod adds a number of controls to your home screen that allow you to skip tracks, rewind or fast forward your music, increase or decrease the volume, and play or pause music playback in the built-in Music app. It offers three different themes that allow you to customize the look of SpringPod’s icons, and it’s only $0.99 in the Cydia Store.

Our friend Jeff over at iDownloadBlog has a demo of SpringPod in action:

But is SpringPod worth the $0.99? Well, Jeff doesn’t think so. While it may be useful to some — especially those who have a faulty home buttons — it’s not all that great, and only clutters up your home screen with an additional seven icons.