Zomm’s Lifestyle Connect Omnisciently Watches Over You [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Remember those old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads (and the never-ending parodies that followed) for LifeAlert in the ’80s? Zomm has leveraged the new Bluetooth v4.0 technology to create a device with features that harken back to that older gadget; it too comes with a live operator — but the Zomm Lifestyle Connect‘s inclusion of Bluetooth makes it way cooler and vastly more useful.

The device can simultaneously connect with up to three other BT-enabled devices, and is aware of the status of those devices — for instance, if you connect the Lifestyle Connect to a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor, it can sense when the monitored heart-rate drops below a certain level (it can also connect with health monitors, glucose monitors, fall detection sensors and activity trackers). It can then be set to trigger an alert, which will notify the operator (Zomm’s term is a “Personal Safety Concierge”), who can then communicate with the user, or alert authorities or family members. And of course, it also comes equipped with the ol’ standby, the panic button.

The device can also be used to connect with Zomm’s optional Tags — coin-sized BT-equipped nuggets that can be tracked on a map accessed via the Zomm iOS app. And because the Lifestyle Connect uses BT v4.0, it can run for six months without a battery change; though that also means it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4S.

The Lifestyle Connect should emerge in the spring with a price of $200; the optional Tags will sell for $60 each.