Withings Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale Saves You Trips To The Doctor [CES 2012]




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – With an eye on improving the way parents monitor their children’s health, French company Withings announced their Internet-connected baby and toddler scale, the Withings Smart Baby Scale. Providing a new way to monitor children’s growth, from birth to age 8, the Withings Smart Baby Scale integrates with iOS via the WiScale App that gives parents quick access to growth statistics to monitor their child’s health and compare measurements with child growth health standards.

Measurements such as weight, BMI, and length are transmitted from the scale to a computer, iPhone or iPad via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0. Another neat feature with the scale is that it saves parents time from trips to the doctor’s by communicating the child’s progress to their doctor or pediatrician. You can also setup the scale to instantly update your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or email each time a new measurement is taken, but we’d suggest you hold off on that feature because honestly, no one loves your baby more than you do and the rest of the world doesn’t need to be notified of every new ounce your new infant gains.

The extra-slim scale features a large graphical screen for easy read-outs and instructions, plus a tactile button that helps parents easily record their baby’s length. So what happens when your infant grows up in a year and you’re stuck with a scale with a sleek baby basket on it? No worries. Once the child grows out of the baby basket it can be removed, and the scale used as a toddler scale that they can stand on. The scale also works in conjunction with the WiFi Body Scale so that parents can monitor their child’s weight on the same dashboard view as their own weight.