Control Nikon’s New Flagship D-SLR, The D4, With Your iPhone or iPad [Video]



So by now you may have heard that Nikon’s flagship pro D-SLR, the D4, is real and will be on the floors of CES. The new features of this new drool-worthy machine are numerous, but one that immediately caught my eye was its ability to be controlled remotely by an iPhone or iPad — wow! I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Details are still incoming, but it looks like you won’t need an app to control the D4, this functionality is baked-in. My best guess is you’ll be able to use Safari to log in to the D4 via the newly-announced Nikon WT-5 wireless adapter and control it that way. It might also be possible to connect via the D4’s ethernet port, but details on that are still murky.

But boy, once you do connect, does the interface look purrr-dy. You can view what the camera is looking at, control the D4’s focus points by touching any point on the image, and can control all the camera’s core functions, like white balance, ISO, shutter and aperture. You can use the interface to control the D4’s video abilities too.

Oy! I’m schvitzing!

We’ll be on the floor of CES and you can be sure I’ll do my best to get some hands-on time with the D4.

[Via Nikon Rumors]

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