Italy Rejects Samsung Call For Early Ban on iPhone 4S Sales



South Korean smartphone maker Samsung learned a lesson about the pace of Italian justice Friday. A Mulan court rejected the company’s call for a preliminary injunction against sales of the iPhone 4S. This is Samsung’s second denial in Italy, a court refused to block the iPhone 4S in that nation back in October.

Samsung has become very adept at having its bans rejected. In December, a French court denied an attempt to ban iPhone 4S sales there, calling the effort “disproportionate” and ordering the phone maker pay Apple $133,400 in legal costs.

Samsung will have to wait until an Italian patent-infringement trial gets underway.

  • ddevito


    These bans (or attempts) by both companies are ridiculous and need to be stopped. it only hurts the consumer

  • jman467

    Mulan ? Is there a previously unknown Chinese community in northern Italy ? 

  • nolavabo

    A “Mulan” court? As in the legendary Chinese heroine that most of us learnt about from Disney? Come to think of it the judgement of a brave, noble warrior girl would be preferable to the Italian court system.

    Please fix that typo, Ed. You’re usually more careful.

  • ArrowSmith

     Apple started this with their attempts to ban Samsung phones and tablets.

  • ddevito

    Agreed. But Samsung has copied Apple in their defense.

    As a Galaxy nexus owner I love my phone but also love that it isn’t plagued with Sammy’s TouchWiz UI. That UI is a blatant copy of iOS icons it’s insane.

  • UncaughtException

    Run to mommy.

  • Pinko Maxfrata Pallino

    a Mulan Curt??? ahahahha ma che vi siete fumati??? …. a MILAN Court… Court of Milan City.