How To Delete Audiobooks Directly From Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]



One of the nifty little features in Apple’s iOS operating system is the ability to “swipe to delete” certain items. You can use the gesture to remove songs, podcasts, videos, text messages, emails, and more from your device, but for some bizarre reason, not audiobooks.

Here’s how to delete audiobooks directly from your iOS device — without the need for a computer.

First, open up the Settings app on your device, then tap on the ‘General’ then ‘Usage’ tabs.

Under the ‘Storage’ heading, you’ll be presented with a list of content that’s eating up the space on your device. Tap on the ‘Music’ app.

Within this menu you’ll be able to see all of the audiobooks currently installed on your device. To delete one, simply swipe your finger along it to reveal the ‘Delete’ button, or use the ‘Edit’ button in the top right-hand corner to delete them quicker if you’d like to remove more than one.

  • Dorje Sylas

    Be VERY careful with this and Audio Books as Apple still is not allowing re-downloads of audio books direct from iTunes the way you can do with Music currently. Be darn sure there is still a copy on your syncing computer before you go about randomly trashing such things.

    This is a *wag of the finger* at Killian Bell for not being clear on that point. Only Music and TV shows can be re-downloaded without having to bug iTunes tech support about it.

  • ErgoOrgo

    Thanks for sharing this tip – I had to discover this when my iPhone randomly starting telling me it only had 19k left – app, video and audiobook deletion followed after much scrambling through settings. For information, this also works for deleting whole podcast collections.

  • Yahya LAm

    This method is not longer possible in iOS 7 bu there are many methods to delete photos from yoour iPhone by using windows PCs, Mac, and iPhone without a strange thord parity app in the post linked bellow cantanis these methods and more.

  • FinalEyes

    Thank you. Worked perfectly and easily!