Instantly See A Map Of An Address [OS X Tips]



Trying to get somewhere in a hurry? The folks at Apple figured this might happen, so they built a very neat feature into OS X Lion to help you see a map of any address you’ve been sent via email, or encounter in a web page or document. No copying and pasting required.

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If you see a mailing address in a web page, simply highlight all of it, then right-click the highlight. Then click Show Address in Google Maps. This will open a new tab in Safari showing the address. This works not only in Safari but also Google Chrome, although not in Mozilla Firefox.

If the address is in a Mail message, hovering the mouse cursor over it should reveal an arrow icon that, when clicked, will show a menu offering a Show Address in Google Maps option.

You can also look up any address that you see in a document being viewed in TextEdit–highlight it, then right-click it, as described above. You can even type the address yourself then do this—maybe not the quickest way of mapping an address but perhaps useful if you don’t already have a browser window open!

It’s not clear how OS X detects that it’s an address, but my best guess is that it detects the inclusion of a zip code (or postal code, in other countries). Therefore, don’t forget to highlight all of the zip code when initially selecting the text.

You can map any address that appears in a Mail message

Bonus tip: Try highlighting a telephone number in the same way  in a Mail message or within a TextEdit document, then right-click the highlight and select the Large Type option on the menu that appears. Cool, no?

  • Sandman619

    It’s called Data Detectors, Apple software has had the ability to discern between telephone, address & other common strings of info for years, though this wasn’t immediately available in OS X. Apple also doesn’t highlight this, they just leave it to be discovered. Super handy

    Cheers !

  • ErgoOrgo

    And OSX can do similar things in – providing dotted lines around phone numbers or addresses and a little pull down menu to add to a contact or create new contact with those details. also has a great quick-look function for web pages: hover over a link, click the arrow and out pops the page in a quick-look floating window.