iPad 3 May Be Getting The iPhone 4S’s Cameras + FaceTime HD, But Won’t Be Total Redesign [Rumor]



What do we know about the iPad 3? It seems almost definite at this point that it will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, feature an A6 chip and a Retina Display when it is released in late March or April, but if iLounge‘s Jeremy Horwitz’s Twitter account is anything to go on, it might also be packing much better cameras.

While affirming earlier reports that the iPad 3 will be 1MM thicker than the iPad 2 to accommodate the Retina Display, Horowitz says you’ll hardly be able to tell, because the “curve radiuses on the body will change only a little to accommodate the added thickness, not dramatically. Think iPad 2 Pro, not a redesign.”

In addition, Horowitz says the front camera will become a FaceTime HD camera, and the back camera will be the same 8MP affair in the iPhone 4S. I personally doubt the latter: iPad’s don’t need great rear cameras, the tablet form factor is just too unwieldy to benefit from anything but a good-enough sensor. However, given how popular the iPad is for video chat, a FaceTime HD camera makes a lot of sense.

Last but not least, Horowitz says that while the iPad 2 will stick around next-generation, its price will drop to $399, not the $299 we’d previously heard rumored. Again, that seems a lot more in-keeping with Apple’s M.O. of having only $100 separate the price of the various models in the iPhone family.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • mrjones11

    Redesign ? This is a flat rectangular screen we’re talking about here, what’s to redesign ? When are people going to realize – its the software stupid… 

  • recyclops117

    I doubt it will be thicker.
    The ASUS ee pad transformer prime had a the same camera as the 4S and its thinner than the ipad 2 has a wuad core procesor but the screen isnt retina quality i doubt apple will go thicker.

  • prof_peabody

    Considering the volume they are buying the parts in, I don’t see any reason why they would not use the same cameras in the 4s.  It makes more sense to have a better camera on the back than on the front as that’s exactly what they have now.  

  • blueleaves

    Imagine using the iPad to take pictures using the back camera – that’s crazy. I guess it has to have one, but using the 3GS’s camera would be OK, surely? An HD front-facing one makes lots of sense though.

  • Christian Marker

    apple have lost a great number of user because they didn’t redesign the iPhone 4s. i don’t think that they are stupid enough to do the same mistake twice ;)

  • yathink2011

    How many did they lose? We need a number.

  • seelee

    I’ve seen plenty of people use iPads to shoot video, then edit on the spot. Yeah, they look kinda stupid doing it, but enough do to require a better rear camera.

  • 69Voltage

    Like yathink stated, how did they lose? Think CoM had an article stating 30M were sold last quarter. Also, most Apple fans realize there’s a two year wait for a redesigned iPhone, just look at the timeline from the 3G to the 4S. That’s why I don’t mind waiting until this summer for the 5, just when my contract with AT&T expires. I didn’t expect a totally new iPhone this past summer.

  • morgan3nelson

    None, Zero, Nada, Zip.  If people left the iPhone 4s for a Hemdroid because of the lack of a redesign of the newest iPhone then Apple didn’t LOSE anything, they actually gained from the departure of the ignorant beings.

  • Michael Jennings

    I have seen a lot of people using the iPad 2 to take photographs of major tourist sites. I don’t know if it is because people really go to the Great Wall of China without any other camera, or the batteries have given out on their main camera or what, but I have seen it a surprising number of times. Yes, they do look kind of stupid, but they still do it. My hunch is that this use has turned out to be more common than Apple expected. I am sure Apple will give us better cameras in the next iPad. Maybe not as good as the one in the iPhone 4S, but better. 

    I think we may see a new iPod touch at the same time as the new iPad, too. Previous iPod touches have come out a few months after a new iPhone. The iPhone was late last year. This could mean that the iPod touch upgrades will henceforth be early year. 

  • Jordan Clay

    I think you may be slightly uninformed, and by slightly, I mean WAYYY off.  Look at sales numbers for the 4s…they didn’t lose anything.

  • freerange

    There is absolutely a new rear camera coming to the iPad 3, and yes people do use it as a camera, especially video camera, as you can view the full screen while shooting. I have seen it used effectively many times in this fashion.

  • freerange

    Oh clueless wonder… what planet are you living on? The iPhone 4s, although the same form factor, is DRAMATICALLY different from the 4. And is also in GREAT demand around the world. In fact, still difficult to get in much of the world like here in Asia.

  • ddevito

    Yeah it sure is different. Battery life is terrible.

  • ddevito

    Who takes pics with an iPad? That is silly

  • Len Williams

    Baloney and utter hogwash! You obviously havn’t done your homework. The 4S has sold gazillions and public demand is HUGE. Read Apple’s sales figures and quit trying to foist off tabloid gossip as fact. The only people who think Apple made a “mistake” with the 4S are the pundits and analysts. The general public are buying up the iPhone 4S like never before. The 4S is a worthy successor to the iPhone 4 because of its faster processor, better camera and Siri. Who says it has to “look” different? Functionality is the key here, not bling. Your idea that Apple has to redesign each version of the iPhone is complete nonsense. We don’t have to impress our friends because of the new “look” of the iPhone or iPad. They’re not fashion statements, as a lot of anti-Apple people try to tell us.

  • OceanGrownKush

    It’s not about taking pictures, Einstein, it’s about recording video.

  • OceanGrownKush

    Yes, clearly they should have hired you as their new CEO. (rolls eyes)

  • RyanTV

    Honestly, it’s not even about recording video. It’s more about supply chain logistics. It will end up costing Apple less money in the long run to stock the same parts for multiple devices.

  • NigelAsh

    Were you bullied in school?

  • AriRomano

    what is there to redesign? the original iPad design is perfect.

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  • albeartfried

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