Google VP Marissa Mayer Loves Apple’s Airport Utility



Google’s button cute VP of Location and Local Services, Marissa Mayer, has long been a self-avowed Apple fan. Heck, she once nominated Steve Jobs as the 2010 Time Magazine Person of the Year, and now, she’s openly singing the praises of Apple’s Airport range of wireless routers on her Google+ account.

On Tuesday night, Mayer wrote:

On the router question, I went out and bought a Netgear N600 at Walmart that same night. But, I had continued problems even with the new router — with range and devices getting conflicting IPs (I have a bunch of phones, tablets, Tivos, Google TVs, Apple TVs, etc.). So, for Christmas, I asked for an Airport Extreme and 2 Airport Expresses (to chain together and create a mesh with better range). I set them all up last night, got all the devices connecting, and so far so good. It’s not really a fair comparison, since there are 3 routers to the Netgear’s 1, but iStumbler showed a lot more signal strength throughout the house, rarely less than 45%.

I was really impressed with Apple’s Airport Utility and how simple it made the set-up and chaining of routers. Hard to make the experience of setting up of a home network beautiful, but at least it was easy.

I kind of wish I had gotten a time capsule for backups, but I was pretty focused on getting a good router system. Plus, that’s what DropBox is for ;) +Aseem Sood +Jeff Bartelma

Wireless routers seem to be about the one thing Google isn’t trying to compete with Apple in these days. Maybe it’s because the higher-ups know they can’t do any better?