Google Brings iPad Support To Google Translate For iOS


  • ddevito

    Part of the reason why the iPad experience is so great is because Google makes great aps for those who are tied to their online services.

    When Google makes their sub-$200 Nexus tablet this Spring there will no longer be any reason for anyone to have an iPad. Google’s too nice a company, but if they want to sell Android tablets than they need to stop making ipad apps.

  • André Ferreira

    HAHAHAHAHAHA really? So you think Google is the only company who makes apps?

  • ddevito

    No – that’s not what I’m saying (at all). I’m saying Google helps out Apple – apps, maps, etc – siri uses Google too.

    I’d love to see Google pull the plug on Apple products.

  • ddevito

    I can see it now. Siri using Yahoo or Bing!


  • timoftelaur

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  • ddevito

    You don’t use the Maps app? Surely you do. It is fantastic.

    BTW – maps app is built from Google.