This Hip Headphones Idea Needs Your Help



Here’s a fun idea from Kickstarter: hip headphones with built-in housing for your iPod shuffle.

The Oddio1 (oddio… audio… geddit?) combines a sleek outer shell with adjustable headband and soft cushioned ear pads. The shuffle slides in, and can stay in permanently if you like – it’s possible to charge and sync it without removing it from the headphones.

And the controls are still in reach while you’re listening. Just reach up and make like you’re poking a finger in your ear. You’ll get the hang of it.

More Oddio

The Kickstarters here are Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall, from Salt Lake City. They’re looking for pre-order backers at $35 each, and estimate the final retail price will end up at around the $50 mark. Their Kickstart fundraising ends on January 26th and they need a total of $45,000 – so if you’re interested, don’t dawdle.