Launch Apps From The Lock Screen Of Your Jailbroken iPhone With LockLauncher



Do you ever wish that you could get quick access to your iOS apps from your device’s lock screen? With LockLauncher installed on your jailbroken iPhone, you can.

LockLauncher is a free tweak available in Cydia for jailbroken iPhones that allows you to add up to nine apps to your device’s lock screen for quick and easy launching. Our friends over at iDownloadBlog have put together a hands-on video of LockLauncher in action:

The good thing about LockLauncher is that if you have a passcode lock set on your device, it will still require you to enter it before it launches each app. While this will slow you down a little, it means the tweak will not compromise your security.

The only downside to LockLauncher, of course, is that it does somewhat defeat the purpose of a lock screen. I can imagine that with this tweak installed, you’re likely to launch apps accidentally on a frequent basis.

[via iDB]

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7 responses to “Launch Apps From The Lock Screen Of Your Jailbroken iPhone With LockLauncher”

  1. Joe Honse says:

    I would go for this if I could access it with an additional gesture sort of like accessing the camera in ios5 using activator so I could choose the second gesture

  2. TradeGothicBold says:

    defeats purpose of lock screen…

  3. prof_peabody says:

    After all these years of using the iPhone, the one thing I really wish is that we had the option to *not* use the lock screen.  

    I understand the reason for it but it’s just not always necessary.  It mostly just adds an extra gesture to everything you do.

  4. timoftelaur says:

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  5. iDaBoss says:

    the lock screen is for security. this doesn’t remove the passcode, so it’s still the same.

  6. TradeGothicBold says:

    Actually, the original purpose for the lock screen, as told by Steve Jobs in the original launch, was so that you wouldn’t be launching stuff by accident in your pocket.

  7. iDaBoss says:

    Oh I see what you mean. Also, this app is poorly designed and unstable. It allows anyone to see a list of all your apps right from the lockscreen.

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