Sale Of The Best Racing Simulator On iOS Ends Today



There’s nothing else quite like the highly sophisticated Real Racing 2 HD on iOS. It’s the platform’s best racing simulator, is one of the best games available for the iPad and may even be one of the most fun racing games on any platform (using the iPad as a steering wheel trumps a console controller any day).

The title is usually $10, but for the last week or so has been on sale for a buck. But developer Firemint says that sale is about to end, sometime around midnight PST tonight.

RR2HD lets you start out with a little cash and a cheap car, then upgrade from there as you win races; if you’ve played the PlayStation’s Gran Turismo series, you’ll be in very familiar territory. The game also sports features like multiplayer races over the net, local games over Bluetooth or WiFi and even four-player streaming to an Apple TV-equipped flat screen, with the iPad’s screen becoming a telemetry readout.

If you’ve got an iPad and are even the least bit interested in car racing or fun, grab this game before it goes back to $10. Just make sure you have enough space — the game is big.


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  • Elyas Saeed

    I’m lucky, I bought it on the sale

  • Chris Carman

    Its still .99 as of 530am PST.