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What’s this? Android news on Cult of Mac?! Who the hell cares?! Maybe you don’t, maybe you do. Point is: these are a few of the popular topics going on in the Android world today. Maybe you’d like to know what the competition is up to, or perhaps your aunt received a Kindle Fire she needs to update. Regardless of the reason, having a resource such as Cult of Android allows you to learn more about what’s going on in the ecosystem powered by the world’s leading mobile OS.

HTC Flyer Finally Gets Honeycomb

HTC has made good on its promise to bring Honeycomb to its HTC Flyer Android tablet. HTC had to include support for its Scribe technology and custom UI and that’s why it took them a tad longer to get it out to customers. The Honeycomb update is rolling out now and will bring the HTC Flyer from Gingerbread to Android 3.2. There have been different reports going around that the update is rolling out to WiFi only models, but we’ve also heard that the 3G versions is seeing the update, so we’re not exactly sure who’s getting it at this point. More…

Last Day For Google’s Music Blowout Sale

Do you remember the Google Music Blowout sale we told you about two weeks ago? Well, it’s coming to an end. In fact, it’s ending today. We wanted to give you a heads up to ensure you had an opportunity to take advantage of the millions of tracks you can get for $.49, or the half a million albums that have been discounted to $4.99. More…

Unofficial Steam App Hits The Android Market

As everyone patiently waits for Steam to release an official app for Android, another developer has gone ahead and released a decent alternative with quite a few features. IBF Programs has released “Steam for Android” into the Android Market, and while it’s not an official Steam app, it’s definitely worth a look. The Steam for Android app brings the Steam community to your handheld and provides many features such as: More…

Head Into A T-Mobile Store This Weekend For Their “New Year, New Phone” Sale

If you didn’t pick up a new device during all the holiday commotion, no need to fret. T-Mobile is holding a “New Year, New Phone” sale this weekend only, and will be discounting the down payment needed to pick up a new device. The promotion starts January 6th and runs through the 8th, with many in-store 4G phones, tablets, and hotspots getting the discount treatment. You’ll have to visit your local T-Mobile store for a complete list of discounted devices, but here’s a peek at a few of the Android devices needing a down payment of $49.99 or less: More…

ASUS Addresses Locked Bootloader, GPS Issues, And Ice Cream Sandwich On The Transformer Prime

There’s been a lot of commotion lately over the much hyped ASUS Tranformer Prime. Over the past week there have been complaints about GPS issues, Android 4.0 delays, and the biggest noise maker — the locked bootloader. Today, ASUS has decided to address all these issues in an attempt to put everyone worries at bay. Although I would have preferred an official press release, their Facebook statement will have to do. Here’s what they had to say: More…

Samsung Announces First Wi-Fi Enabled DualView Camera With Android Control

Samsung has announced its first DualView Camera capable of both Wi-Fi connectivity and Android control (via an Android device and the Samsung Remote Viewfinder app). The camera itself builds on the success of Samsung’s DualView technology and features a 1.5” front facing LCD screen, allowing subjects to view themselves and ensure you’re shooting their “best side.” There’s a lot of handy uses for the front facing LCD, such as child animations, which help keep children engaged and focused, allowing for that perfect shot. Samsung also introduces Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing the DV300F to: More…

LG Optimus 2 Shows Up On LG’s Website

The LG Optimus series made quite the rounds last year, and it seems it will be getting a successor in the year 2012. The LG Optimus 2 has shown up on LG’s official site, and while there aren’t too many specifics, what is does show, is, well — underwhelming. According to what’s currently listed, the LG Optimus 2 is sporting: More…

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