Watch Out! Infamous Hot Coffee Mod Could Come To GTA III For IOS!



To prolong the life of Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PC all those years ago, gamers began introducing all sorts of things — such as new cars, weapons, and skins — to the game by modifying numerous files within its directory. If you were a “modder” then, then we have good news for you: the recently released GTA 3 games for iOS and Android are also susceptible to modding.

Both releases use the same file structure as the PC release so you can modify the game just as easily by tweaking and installing new files. Of course, this isn’t easy on an iOS device because of the tight protection Apple places on its operating system, however, if you’re jailbroken or you play the game on an Android device, then you can customize to your heart’s desire.

A thread over on the XDA Developers forums tells you where to save the mod files, and offers a number of mods for you to download, like new cars, island unlocks, and new weapons. Here’s a clip of one particular mod in action:


Of course, this could open the doors to a Hot Coffee mod for iOS. Hot Coffee was a hidden mini-game in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which tested your rhythm by controlling the main character’s actions during sex. The mod sparked controversy back in 2005 and was eventually removed from the game, but it is believed that more advanced hacks will still allow you to access it. There aren’t any sex mini-games in Grand Theft Auto III, but hackers could come up with something similar… and if Rockstar ever releases San Andreas for iOS, watch out!

Will you be modding Grand Theft Auto 3 on your iOS device?

[via AppAdvice]

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  • Xeyad Haj Bakry

    you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to mod GTA 3….you can use iExplorer or similar program, and you can access any app’s file system….in fact, some people were able to enhance the graphics on A4 devices, and yet make the performance even better

  • breagz

    I just modded some of the buildings in GTA III and it is showing up perfectly on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I just tweeted some screencaps. Take a look: @breagz

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  • Danieldoyle

    Cult of Mac has goofed MANY TIMES. I don’t jailbreak my iPad 2 or my iPhone 4 and you still can mod GTA III. Apple DOESN’T ALLOW ACESS TO CORE FILES. Access to you Applications folder is still available on ANY DEVICE jail broken or not. Please… Tighten your ship. You writers should be knowledgeable. Did the author even glance at the forums she redirects us to? NO. It’s a troubleshooting forum for android users looking for help on running the game. There are maybe 6 posts on 19 pages with talk of modding with 2 links for download. I’m tired of CultOfMac. I wish I could replace one of your authors. (@iDann)

  • Elric

    Why do idiots like you write aritcles on the internet? Hot coffee can or will NEVER come for GTA 3! Please get your facts straight!