Apple TV Hacked To Run App Store Apps, What It Means For Developers [Interview]


side-by-side iPhone apps on the Apple TV
side-by-side iPhone apps on the Apple TV
  • mrjr84

    Hi, CoM. Your mobile website is terrible! I won’t support a site that has floating ad bars that I can’t dismiss. It’s user-hostile. Shame on you.

  • turbohand

    Agreed. A Mac website that is perhaps the WORST SITE to view on an iPad.

  • scott ronan

    Bring out a Cult of Mac app for the iPad and iPhone.  Please.

  • Evan Benford

    not to mention the constant freeze ups in the comments box

  • petiepooo

    I’ve been waiting for ATV apps that use the ATV as the shared screen and one or more iPod/iPhone/iPad devices (hereafter called iP*) as the controller(s).

    Imagine something like Scrabble where users get to play with their letters on their iP*, and when it’s their turn, they move them onto the ATV screen for scoring.  Or a racer where the users’ iP has the controls, and the ATV shows the graphics.  Or even a DnD app where the map is on the ATV, the DM uses his iPad to control it, and everyone else uses iP* to control their characters and roll the dice.

    It’s tempting to develop something now so it gets attention as a good example of the capabilities when/if they’re released.  Come on, Cupertino; get on it!