Reopen Recently Closed Tabs In Mobile Safari On Your iPad [iOS Tip]



Today’s tip is a simple one, but it fixes one of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re browsing the web — especially on an iOS device. Have you ever hit your iPad’s display accidentally while browsing the web and closed a tab that included an article you were halfway through reading?

Thankfully, mobile Safari on the iPad has a handy feature that allows you to quickly access recently closed tabs.

To open a recently closed tab in mobile Safari, simply tap and hold the ‘new tab button’ that sits below the app’s address bar.

A list of five recently closed tabs will appear; simply tap on one to reopen the page. Simple!

[via Macgasm]

  • dcj001

    So, Killian. It looks like you’ve been reading Mac OS X hints lately.

  • ErgoOrgo

    Thanks for the tip: tap and hold actions never seem that obvious to me. I’m sure this will be really useful.

  • ddevito

    Multiple tabbed browsing: yet another feature copied from Android. Pathetic.

  • saudio

    You know, I feel sorry for the people that think Google has any innovation in their blood stream… apart from being leaches, of course. I’m not saying that Apple ‘invented’ tab browsing mobile browsers (especially since tabbed browsing was probably invented/supervised by Mozilla), but Apple has done a great job for their users and we appreciate it.

    And why are you here as an Android Fanboy?!

  • Evan Benford

    so what about when android implemented multiple windows for browsing after the iPhone, did they copy Apple?

  • Evan Benford

    so what about when android implemented multiple windows for browsing after the iPhone, did they copy Apple?

  • ddevito

    Why did Apple copy multitasking, copy and paste, drop down notifications?

    Because Android did it first and iOS users whined.

    Just like there will be two iPads this year. Why? Because iOS users whined about not having a 7″ tablet.

    Apple’s success is bred from copying.

  • ddevito

    I own an iPad actually.

  • Evan Benford

    WOW! Sounds like you’ve been on every Android fanboy and troll site out there. Apples multitasking is nothing like androids, and it was revamped before android 4.0’s. Before that on android it was terrible, you could only switch to recently used apps. With apple you can go back to all recent used apps and u see more to switch between at any given time. Android didn’t invent multitasking, it’s been on computers for decades kid. Apples copy n paste has always been superior to androids and since releasing it android has worked to make there’s virtually the same finally succeeding with ICS. Apple has always condoned making a 7in tart with Steve jobs publicly saying they lead to an inferior experience, he’s been right mostly so far. Apple doesn’t have a 7in tablet, your basing a company off of rumors. I’m honestly getting tired of these yards acting like apple doesn’t deserve any of there success. They still make the best computers, basically invented the modern touch based smartphone, and now basically reinvented the tablet market. But hey…haters gon hate…trolls gonna troll.


    How does Apple copy a browser feature when they created/invented the browser everyone uses on their mobile device?? Duh!?! At least Google what you’re talking about before you put your foot in your mouth! SMH

  • ddevito

    I didn’t say they copied the browser. I said they copied multi-tabbed browsing. Yes I know you are referring to WebKit.

    Reading is fundamental. Read slower next time.


    So if Android didn’t do those features, it would have NEVER been adopted by iOS, that’s what your really saying??? Wow! This is a VERY good example of the education system failing someone once again! iOS had ALL of those features before Android!! FACT!! Cydia & Installer had all of those features before Android even existed (before the G1), FACT!! If you think there will be “2” iPad’s this year, then you’re an IDIOT!!! FACT!! Apple NEVER details future products with anyone! FACT!! You’re regurgitating baseless RUMOURS!! Nothing is dumber than that!!! Duh!! “7-inch tablets are ‘DOA’!!!” -Steve Jobs. Learn to get your facts straight genius!!

  • ddevito

    actually, yes, in some cases that’s what I’m saying – Apple would’ve never had tabbed browsing, copy-n-paste, OTA updates, wireless sync – had it not been on Android first.

    And you’re counting what Cydia does as official? I sure hope you’re not for your own sake – because iOS’s dev community couldn’t sniff Android’s devs’ jocks. Please.

    And yes, there will be a bigger iPhone. Why? Because Android introduced larger screens so now Apple has to copy.

    Apple = they execute well, but haven’t innovated since 1984. They copy well.

    And BTW – the education system’s failing on me? Try spelling “iPad’s” correctly. Dumbass.

  • CRodBlogs

    The best ideas are stolen (Everyone copied Apple by making computers, Period!). Deal with it!

  • Evan Benford

    All companies borrow (steal). In that case every company has been “stealing” since there inception into existence . But you are sincere ignorance at its finest…yes apple stole the iphone concept from who? Why did google completely revamp the Android UI n UX after iphone revealing. Hmmmm what about modern multitouch, who copied that from who? You are a very narrow thinker who will justify anything google does and scramble to put Apple in a corner. Even Google engineers and CEO’s credit Apple consistently for there innovation. But you, the bottom dweller, chooses to not even acknowledge the company you ride so hard. Ignorance at its finest.