Most Small Businesses to Adopt iPads in 2012 [Report]


Photo by christinelu.china -
Photo by christinelu.china -

First came the consumer wave of tablet users, now it’s the turn of small business. Almost 75 percent of small businesses plan to mark 2012 with a tablet — odds on an iPad. “The iPad, just in the consumer market, is synonymous for ‘tablet’ in the business market,” new research finds.

Some 73 percent of businesses employing under 1,000 workers are considering buying a tablet, according to retail research firm NPD Group. A smaller portion — 54 percent — of companies with less than 50 employees also plan to purchase an iPad. The average tablet purchase will be $21,000 in 2012, researchers found.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took the reigns from co-founder Steve Jobs, has apparently done wonders warming up the frosty relationship corporate giants have had with the tech giant. The company now boasts 93 percent of Fortune 500 companies now used iPads and iPhones. That’s a huge difference from the days when BlackBerries had the inside track for corporate purchases and Jobs regularly annoyed CEOs with his prickly and confrontational manners. Now, regularly, we read of Lowe’s buying tablets for its workers, airlines purchasing iPads for cockpit crew and countless small businesses jettisoning their PC laptops in favor of the Apple tablet.

With nearly two-thirds of small business adopting the iPad, the only question is what is the remaining 25 percent waiting for?

  • Alex Angelico

    When I’m outside the office, I use an iPad and a PC Laptop. When I NEED to work, i use the laptop. The iPad is a VERY limited tool for work. Even attaching a document to an email is more complicated than with a computer (don’t even start talking about writing anything bigger than 500 words).

    This happens in every company (big or small). The IT department always takes the worsts decision about IT. And other companies follows what “everybody is doing”

    Ipad = leisure
    Computer = work

  • Edwin Ayala

    Which iPad stand is that?

  • stlcajun

    Looks like it might be this one: 

  • MacHead84

    What exactly do businesses with less than 50 employees need to buy an iPad as part of their business model for? Is this why 95% of small business fail within the first 5 years because they are absurd with how the spend their cash. A cheap netbook would be vastly superior for accounting purposes to an iPad. Cus Im certain 73% of small businesses are not adopting the square card reader so what are the needing this for?

  • owerrc

    really? an iPad for small business? So everyone can slack off playing angry birds?

  • owerrc

    really? an iPad for small business? So everyone can slack off playing angry birds?

  • joewaylo

    Griffin Technology
    A-Frame for iPad and other tablets
    Multi-position tabletop stand

  • joewaylo

    Not really. Since iOS 3.0/4.0 was the introduction to business solution services. The IT administrator can reprogram your iDevices by remote and revoke certain abilities that can be used on your iDevices. Including revoke access to the App Stores and only the Exchange Server can install new applications.

  • joewaylo

    I doubt they will get many small businesses to use the iPad. 95% of the small businesses are still using Windows XP even today. They are not willing to upgrade to Windows 8, 7, Vista, OS X, or any other OS version unless it’s a last resort.

    Even in 2020 when Microsoft’s concept becomes real we will still be resorting to the fact of using Windows XP on all of our machines.

  • Galley

    There’s a small grocery store here in Greenville, SC that uses an iPad as its only POS system.

  • Al

    The software just isn’t here yet. I spend 99% of my working day in a spreadsheet or code editor. Both of these things are extremely poor on an iPad. I can’t think of a large number of business roles, especially office roles, where one would be useful or do anything other things don’t already do much better.

    Maybe in a few years.

  • Thermostat9

    They will update one day.  The question is what will be there for them?

  • AvoidDroid

    Hmmmm….Use my iPad for everything. You just need the right apps.

  • Ed Smith

    With all due respect, think harder. Tablets are being used extensively for away-from-the-desk jobs like QA/QC, warehouse management, etc. Also, the fasting growing business market for tablets is hospitals … and tablets were just approved by FAA to replace pilot’s flight bags.

  • Ed Smith

    Did you read the article?? It says that 73% of “small businesses” will be buying (on average) $21K of tablets in 2012. Oh yea of little vision.  

  • Ed Smith

    What’s new? They’re already doing that on their desktop computers.

  • Ed Smith

    You need to expand your business/industry vision beyond your office walls. What are they needing them for? What about the hundreds of jobs that are done away from a desk while standing? Like QAlQC inspections, warehouse management, delivery trucks, doctors’ rounds, all kinds of field work, farmers in the field, replacing pilots’ flight bags (just FAA approved), etc., etc., etc.

  • Ed Smith

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe there are hundreds of jobs that are very different from yours?

  • joewaylo

    True. I’m one of the 27% that won’t even use an iPad. Our business is ultra paranoid when the security department detects WiFi Hotspots or even a 3G radio signal that penetrates our office.