Apple’s Television Set Will Be Powered By A Custom-Built Processor Like Its iOS Devices [Rumor]



Like its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which utilize the company’s A4 and A5 processors, Apple’s upcoming television set will be powered by a custom-built chip made specifically for the Cupertino company. Sources claim that a number of manufacturers are currently bidding for Apple’s order, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL).

Apple has reportedly struck a deal already with TSMC which will utilize the company’s 28nm and 20nm process technologies for its A6 and A7 processors, according to sources for DigiTimes. It’s unclear whether chips for the Apple television were part of the deal, but it’s possible the set could also adopt the same chips.

Like most of its devices, the Apple “iTV” will reportedly be assembled by Foxconn, with a launch towards the end of 2012. Recent reports have claimed the device will be available with 32- and 37-inch displays.

[via MacTrast]

  • joewaylo

    So what would be the inner workings I wonder? My guess is:
     * A5+ Processor
     * 1080P Display quality or higher
     * TV Tuner with QAM HD / CableCard capabilities
     * Built in DVR capabilities

    I’d love for it to have OS X 10.8 come with it and a 5 TB SSD hard drive. Ditch the desktop PC and store my movies on it.

  • firesign

    If this happens (which I have my doubts that it will), it will sell to a smaller niche crowd of Apple fans than likely any other Apple product. Why? Price. There’s no way they could price this thing to be competitive with the rest of the market. I’m an Apple fan, and I’m not likely to consider one.

  • firesign

    5 TB of SSD? Seriously? Do you have any idea how much that alone would cost? Not to mention that Apple wants you to stream the stuff from the cloud, so it’s not likely to get anywhere near that much storage. The rest, with the exception of maybe the CableCard slots, is pretty much a gimme.

  • Laurie645

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  • volodoscope

    Um, Apple got iCloud for a reason. There will be no more storage on future devices for media. If someone wants to replay a show, it will just stream from iCloud.

  • Al

    Just for fun I looked it up. A 5 TB SSD would cost about $8,100 USD.

    Which makes the idea as credible as the iWatch.