Intel Ready To Release Thunderbolt For PCs In 2012 [Rumor]



Intel has reportedly begun notifying PC makers that it will “fully release” its Thunderbolt technology in April of 2012. This means that companies like HP and Dell will be able to sell Thunderbolt-equipped notebooks and desktops.

Apple and Intel partnered for the launch of Thunderbolt, and Apple has made the connection architecture standard for its notebooks and desktop computers, excluding the Mac Pro. It appears that Apple won’t be the only Thunderbolt-equipped computer company on the block anymore.

Intel has allegedly tapped several big-name PC makers to produce Thunderbolt-equipped motherboards, notebooks, and desktop PCs next year. The partnership with Apple was apparently meant to help the “standardization of Thunderbolt,” but Intel now seems to think that it’s time to branch out. Sony has reportedly voiced interest in adopting Thunderbolt already.

Intel has said that it plans to support both Bluetooth 3.0 and now Thunderbolt in its future motherboards. The costs of producing Thunderbolt-equipped computers is expected to go down in 2012, and such an incentive could help PC makers jump on board.