Apple Attempts To Explain iTunes Match With A Dedicated Webpage And Video


Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 2.23.21 PM

Apple has felt the need to create a dedicated webpage and how-to video for iTunes Match, the company’s new music service. iTunes Match became available for US customers in November, while 17 other countries were added to the availability list last week.

The new webpage for iTunes Match is home to a handy video walkthrough and more details about the service, including a 10-question FAQ.

There’s been plenty of confusion surrounding iTunes Match since its release. Does the service actually stream music? Will iTunes Match override your previous music settings on your iOS devices? (Hint: It does.) What happens if you don’t renew your $25/year subscription?

Apple’s how-to video explains the basics of iTunes Match and how to get the service up and running in iTunes on your computer. The FAQ answers more specific questions, like device and file format support.

Perhaps Apple could have done itself the biggest favor by naming iTunes Match something else. While “Match” is clearly meant to indicate that Apple matches your tracks in the iTunes Store, the name “iTunes Match” represents an action, not the result.