Holiday Bundle Giveaway – Win Over $950 Worth Of Cult Of Mac Deals Goodies! [Update]



**Update: Contest ends tonight at midnight. Enter to win. One lucky winner will be chosen!

We’ve now added a sixth deal, our latest iOS Foundations Course, to the Holiday Giveaway which makes it worth over $950 worth of training courses. Happy New Year!**

Since launching Cult of Mac Deals this past fall, we’ve received a tremendous amount of support from our fans, and so this holiday season we wanted to give something back. We’ve compiled a fantastic giveaway including 6 of our top deals valued at over $950!

One lucky winner will receive one of each of the following online video courses:

1. Dive into iOS – Learn how to code iPhone/iPad Apps
2. UX for Founders – Make Steve proud with design that doesn’t suck
3. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Training – Learn the fundamentals of Photshop
4. Awesome Demo Videos – Create compelling demo videos for your business
5. Learn HTML/CSS – Start building your dream site today
6. iOS Foundations Course – Learn the basics of building your first iPhone/iPad app

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

Step 1: Subscribe to our newsletter (Make sure to click on the link in the verification email sent to this email address so we can notify you. This is required to enter and win.)




Step 2: Tweet the following line on Twitter: “Get a Holiday gift bundle from @cultofmac worth over $750 for free! Check it out: #CultofMacDeals”


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Super easy, and you get to choose which social network you want to enter from.

The contest ends on January 7th at 11:59PM PST, after which we will select be 1 lucky winner.

Happy Holidays! 



  • robgilgan

    Submit button sends you to a 404 page.

  • jnpayne

    Should be working now.  Can you refresh and try again?  I may have been in the middle of updating the post.

  • robgilgan

    Nope – still 404.

  • jnpayne

    Weird.  Seems to be working for myself and other folks.  What browser are you using?  If its not working for you/anyone else, please send an email to: and we’ll get you setup.  Thanks Rob.

  • robgilgan

    Yep – worked in Google. I was using Stainless, initially.

  • robgilgan

    Yep – worked in Google. I was using Stainless, initially.

  • jnpayne

    Never tried Stainless before.  How do you like it?  Why use that over Safari or Chrome?

  • robgilgan

    I started using Stainless ( a long time ago – when it first came out. At that time, it was a quick, minimalist browser – search integrated into the address bar, very nice left hand column where you can store favicons as a visual indicator for bookmarks,  and it was quick. Google Chrome and Safari have caught up with those features since, but I still like the cleanliness of the Stainless interface. While I have it set as my default browser, I still use Chrome for Google stuff, Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb and Opera. I have different bookmarks in each – if I were more organized and disciplined, they’d each favour a specialty.

  • charlie edwards


  • robgilgan

    I’ve been using it a while. When it came out, it had features like parallel sessions, and if a tab crashed, it didn’t take the browser down. In particular, I liked the fact that it had a simple interface (bookmarks along the left edge identified by favicon), search and address bar combined, and very quick. The others (Chrome and Safari in particular) have caught up. It remains my default browser, although I also use Omniweb, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I tend to set a brewer up with a set of related bookmarks (so Chrome has all my Google stuff), Safari a bunch of social media widgets, etc.

  • freedommcflyy

    How do we ever know we win, like seriously? 

  • jnpayne

    Pretty simple actually – you will receive an email to the email address that you submit above (and we will update this post here as well as on Twitter and Facebook).  Stay Tuned!

  • robgilgan

    OT: Josh – you asked about Stainless, but I see my response isn’t here, so…I started using it some time ago, pre-Chrome on OS X. It had separate process tabs, combination search/address bar, very minimalist UI and a skinny little sidebar on the left where you could drag and drop favicons for bookmarks. 
    Chrome has adopted many of the features I liked initially, but it doesn’t take long for the Chrome interface to start to look pretty crowded. You can d/l it here:

  • prof_peabody


  • Oludare Yusuf

    what’s the links to your newsletter subscription

  • jnpayne

    haha…so positive as usual, professor.  thanks for the input. :)  is there any mac app, accessory, or learning tool that you’d like to see here?