Get A $50 iTunes Gift Card For Just $40 In Time For Christmas [Last Minute Deals]


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Still don’t have a Christmas present for a loved one? Cash running low, so you need a good deal? You’re not going to beat this: Walmart is offering a $50 iTunes gift card for just $40, essentially giving you an extra $10 in downloads for free. Not only can the card be used on apps, music, ebooks, movies or even television shows, but the code is delivered to you digitally, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the post-office to deliver it to you: it’ll be available instantly. Slap that code into a Christmas card and you’re done!

[via 9to5Mac]

  • pommelover

    too bad it is only availablein the US and not for Canadians, even we have Walmart stores all over the country! would of loved to get that deal

  • MacAdvisor

    This could be a lucrative money making venture here in California. California Civil Code §1749.45-1749.6 require merchants to redeem gift cards for the money remaining on the card upon demand. So, one could buy a card for $40, then immediately demand the cash value of the funds on the card, $50. I don’t know how many cards Walmart would allow any one person to buy, but one would realize a return of about 12% on investment within a few days, perhaps even the same day. 

  • Annie Rocks

    Thank you for sharing this!

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