Steve Jobs On Gaming: It’s The Future Of Learning [Video]


  • esaruoho

    Steve Jobs  put R. Buckminster Fuller in the Think Different-Ad Campaign. R. Buckminster Fuller had this amazing idea of a World Resource Game back in the 40s-50s-60s, a computer-game which would allow for the most intelligent spreading of resources, and of connecting resources, i.e., a method of utilizing all the capabilities of Spaceship Earth  so that everyone would benefit. The Dymaxion World Game  would really fit onto the iPad, considering SJ was such a big fan of the Whole Earth Catalogue (really, an index of solutions for the planet). Let’s hope that WEC / DWG will both appear on the iPad  in a completely new form, and soon!

  • Martain Chandler

    Apple had the opportunity to buy Bungie before Microsoft did. Steve told Bungie to take a hike.