Europe’s Financial Mess Means Slumping Overseas iPhone Market


Photo by monty.metzger -
Photo by monty.metzger -

Does talk of the Euro economic crisis make your eyes glaze over? Perhaps this will get your attention: The down European economy is costing the iPhone marketshare as consumers keep a tight hold on their cash. The bright side: the U.S. and U.K. love of everything Apple has become stronger.

According to London-based research firm the Kanter Group, the iPhone 4S is showing signs of consumer resistance in Europe, with the low-priced Android growing at the expense of Apple. In France, Apple’s share of the smartphone market dropped to 20 percent, down from 29 percent. In another instance, Apple’s share of the German market dropped to 22 percent, down from 27 percent.

The Kanter Group also found Google’s Android still dominates much of Europe, where the mobile operating system comprises between 46 and 61 percent of European smartphone sales. An economic crisis fueled by worries over government debt is prompting Europeans to keep “a lid on their expenses,” notes the report.

The figures appear to echo a similar study released last week by consumer research firm the NPD Group. The company said the iPhone and Android account for 82 percent of all smartphones sold. In October, Android-powered smartphones held 52 percent of U.S. smartphone sales while Apple controlled 29 percent of domestic sales.

  • techgeek01

    I don’t know if this plays a part, but apparently the Nokia Lumia 800 has outed the iPhone as the #1 seller in several (european) countries. I’ll have to look more closely at it, but in the UK, apparently the Lumia is selling horrible and it’s bluntly not for sale in America. But all the other countries where the iPhone took a hit (in europe at least) the Lumia might have taken top position in those countries. 

    So, could the slumping iPhone market be actually caused by the Nokia windows phones and not the economy…? 

  • taz89

    Why is it assumed the decline in iPhone sales in France etc is due to the euro crises…UK is also part of the euro yet the iPhone sales have increased…why can’t decreased sales in the iPhone just mean just that…its not going to be the most popular device in every country forever…

  • techgeek01

    Good Point.  I have to check, but wasn’t the iPhone excelling in American “economic crises” that hit us a couple of years ago?

    Edit: Wasn’t Apple being super successful in these “crises” around the world? Like if it had no effect on Apple what so ever?

  • taz89

    Not sure but I would assume so you said in some places the lumia is doing better than the iPhone…there’s just alot of good devices such as the lumia,galaxy s2 etc that it would make sense that iPhone is declining in some places…think its a bit premature to say its down to the euro crises and not due to better competition.

  • Agree (with Alumnus)

    The UK is part of the European Union, but they never adopted the Euro (and as such it is NOT “part of the euro” as you opined)…  Sweden has not adopted the euro, nor Denmark, Norway, Scotland, nor Wales, The Czech Republic, Poland or Bulgaria among others (that ARE European Union members). Please be clear whether you mean The European Union, or The Eurozone to keep from propagating mistakes and misinformation.

  • Hampus

    “Does talk of the Euro economic crisis make your eyes glaze over?”
    Yup sure does, and this article isnt changing anything… Sure Greece have a pretty big problem but the Euro is still keeping stable, so is the local currency in Sweden. I don’t know anyone who has any less money to spend this year than the last, or the one before that.

    Maybe people just wasn’t interested in the iPhone 4s?

  • ginkgo74

    UK is not part of the Euro Zone.

  • taz89

    Yep sorry for the confusion but I believe my argument still stands…

  • joaoaguiarx

    you don’t know anyone who has less money to spend this year?
    my case is the opposite!! come to portugal with your friends! ;)