App Store Generating 4 Times More Cash Than Android Marketplace, Much Of It From China


  • zergon

    I think is because some apps aren’t accessible to all devices. for example, I can’t install some apps on my HTC wildfire. which is not the case with the Appstore

  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    That dude Andy Rubin of Google should take a hard look at Apple’s App Store revenue numbers before he starts getting all cocky about his claims of 700,000 Android smartphone activations every day.  Maybe his Android OS better have about 2,800,000 activations a day, if he expects Android Market’s revenue to catch up to Apple’s App Store.  Just because Android smartphones are cheap and plentiful it doesn’t mean that selling them is that lucrative a business.  Google needs to get off its high horse about how much market share Android is taking.  If it doesn’t make much money for Google or developers then it’s nothing to be crowing about.

  • Ken Heins

    I am a registered iOS Developer.  Why would I want to develop for Android?  I would have to run the risk of a bunch of unhappy customers who may or may not be able to buy my Android app that may or may not install because it is not practical to code, test and update for over 250 separate devices, and THEN do it for, at best, 1/3 of the money that I can make on iOS apps.

    You just have to want to do it, I guess, but I do it for a living, so……………….

  • RangyG

    Apple bragged about it’s market share lead, until it lost it to Android.. now you all claim its not a big deal.. So now you brag about the app store.
    Time will tell, in the meantime feel free to make fools of yourselves and show off the size of your egos

  • Michael A. Robson

    “Share” of what “market”? Android is free.
    The market share argument is made against other HARDWARE makers, and if you look at it in that light, I’m pretty sure Apple’s three phones are doing well against Samsung, HTC, Moto, etc. Android doesn’t matter, and it’s not a business.

  • RangyG

    smartphone market, iOS is free too, just not open source
    Refer to Apples iPhone 4s keynote, Mobile Installed Base, iOS – 43%, Android 33% – we wont see that graph again next time

  • Connor Mulcahey

    find out the total without all the in app purchases in freemium games and get back to me…

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I am also an iOS developer and your points only reinforce my reason’s for not developing for android. I’ll keep them in mind next time someone asks. 

  • Element Mobilman

    Just because Apple phones are expensive and elitist, doesn’t mean they’re any better. Android provides consumers with choice, which is more than what Apple can say.

  • Element Mobilman

    You know Apple is sore because it’s buying out patents with its competitors, just to stop Google from providing a “free” product that “poses no threat” in your eyes. 


    I think a major testimony to a company’s quality is how many lawsuits Apple has levied against them.

  • Element Mobilman

    If you’re smart developers, you can offer your app yourself with 100% profit. But, being Apple aficionados, I don’t expect you to understand that concept.

  • jw915

    As an Apple customer, just remember that all that revenue is money that gets extracted out of your pocket.

  • Tomáš Petrík

    At least get the facts right, please. Right in the heading…
    It’s not Android Marketplace, it’s Android Market.
    Windows Phone has a Marketplace.