Nearly Every Major Apple Product Will Have A Major Redesign In 2012 [Report]


Photo by DaveOnFlickr -
Photo by DaveOnFlickr -

Are you ready for 2012? Tighten your seat belts, here comes the start of chatter about an iPad update and iPhone 5 Part Deux. The 2011 iPhone 5 that morphed into the iPhone 4S, plus a wider range of iPads could set Apple up for either just a good 2013 or a spectacular 2013. Either way, don’t expect a repeat of the monster revenues predicted to end 2011.

Apple watcher Gene Munster, analyst with Piper Jaffray, believes a redesigned iPhone 5 could appear in mid-2012. The new handset could sport near-field communications, as well as potentially the LTE that was left out of the iPhone 4S. Apple could also expand its line of iPads to accomodate both a low-end entry-level model as well as a higher-end pro device.

But Apple’s actions (or inaction) in 2012 will set the stage for 2013 revenue, the analyst argues. Munster splits his 2013 revenue projections into a base model and a bull model. Whatever model comes to fruition, we won’t likely see the 56 percent revenue hike expected for 2011.

Instead, Munster projects Apple revenue in calendar 2013 will grow 14 percent — 28 percent if the “bull case” wins. For the iPhone, his base case projects Apple will sell 142 million handsets resulting in an 18 percent revenue increase. Munster’s more bullish model for 2013 sees the Cupertino, Calif. company selling 162 million iPhones through the year, raising revenue by 35 percent.

As for the iPad, Munster expects Apple will unveil just one updated iPad to replace the current-generation iPad 2. If the company goes further, introducing iPads for different consumer segments, perhaps lowering the price of the original iPad as was done with the iPhone 3GS, Apple’s tablet earnings could increase 30 percent over 2012, selling 77.5 million units. Otherwise, the analyst forecasts Apple will sell 66 million iPads in 2013, representing an 11 percent revenue rise compared to 2012.

Of course, both models could be wrong. Remember, Apple’s calendar year 2011 revenue is expected to jump by 56 percent — without any major hardware redesigns. Instead, much of Apple’s revenue came from expansion of markets and rejiggering its iPhone lineup. Along with making the iPhone 3GS free and dropping the iPhone 4 to $99, Apple added a number of other worldwide markets and has sped up the time between product unveiling and shipments. Those factors are increasingly becoming more important for Apple’s growth than constantly launching new products.

  • Theyseeyoutrollin

    I’m ready for a redesigned iOS. It’s hasn’t had any cosmetic changes in almost 5 years. getting a bit stale. 

  • Guest

    Well that’s too late for iPhone5 don’t even know it will have LTE or not? Moving on to a Galaxy note

  • Holio

    You know, that thing kind of interests me and I’ve heard from some review that the battery is actually kind of ok (lasts almost a day or something?).  But shit, that thing is way too big to fit in my pocket.  Saw a comparison shot to an iPhone and damn… imagine that thing in your pocket all day sitting down or walking around.  Bound to rip a hole in your jeans and getting it out or in would be a hassle (that’s what she said?)

  • weid

    i am more interested in redesign of iPad 3 Plus iMac and Macbook Pro that feature RETINA display+TV.

  • macgizmo

    I’m with you. I want a new iMac to replace an original Mac Pro.

  • KW79J

    New re-designed iPhone and iPad are on my shopping list for next year…If Apple only release minor updates then I think i’ll wait until 2013.

  • Element Mobilman

    Apple forces all its consumers to purchase new hardware.

    Defectors are banned from all nearby Starbucks.

  • Element Mobilman

    $1500 of expensive locked-down toys for 2012? Heavens, I’m glad we rich people have our priorities straight!

  • Element Mobilman

    $1500 of expensive locked-down toys for 2012? Heavens, I’m glad we rich people have our priorities straight!

  • Element Mobilman

    I think the hint here is “moving onto something that doesn’t insist a 3.5″ screen is the perfect screen.”

    Is it big? Maybe. But the iPhone is also small by today’s standards.

  • Element Mobilman

    It all depends on whether Apple can milk it for a lot of money or not… see, the retina display isn’t worth producing right now because then the iPad/Macbook would be WORTH the money you pay for them.

    Unless you would be comfortable shelling out $6000 for a new Mac with that sort of screen… well, you ARE an Apple customer

  • Element Mobilman

    They finally figured users would like a drop-down notification bar… oh wait, didn’t they steal that idea from Android?

  • Porkbamboo

    I like my iPhone & will continue to buy them, but I must admit, I leave it in the car most of the time because I don’t like bulky things in my pocket (& the weight of it actually pulls my pants down).  This is in comparison to those little Nokias from several years ago that caused no such dramas.

  • KW79J

    What can i say, i feel it would be rude not too!!

  • KW79J

    Hellllo! That is why I need to buy a new iPhone next year…it’s not the phone, im just getting sick of instant coffee, I need a proper Latte!!!!

  • Yap Yusuke

    Nearly Every Major Apple Employee will have a major ass whooping in 2012…this is what cult of mac post is all about…bozo article with meaningless

  • KrizBob

    Didn’t Android steal a whole concept of mobile OS from Apple?

  • timoftelaur

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  • Theyseeyoutrollin

    Yeah pretty much… And am i the only one that thinks Apple hasn’t done anything Apple-like this whole year? I’ve been extremely underwhelmed. Actually, dissapointed.