Even Apple Might Not Be Able To Design A Bluetooth Speaker As Good As The HiddenRadio



The HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker is the latest project to be setting Kickstarter on fire, and it’s no wonder why. Just look at it! It’s like Jony Ive designed a speaker in his spare time, and decided to throw it up on Kickstarter just for the hell of it.

Designed by John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria, the HiddenRadio is a Bluetooth radio + speaker combo that is simplicity itself to operate: just pull the cap up to turn the speaker on, push it down to turn it off. Want to raise or lower the volume? No problem, a twist of the same cap will make things louder or quieter, depending on the way you turn it. And if you don’t have an iPhone or Bluetooth-enabled iPod, you can either use the line-in jack or just settle for the built-in (and titular) AM/FM radio.

This is gorgeously minimalistic, and unlike most Kickstarter projects, it’s already made more than enough money to hit the market. Still, if you want to guarantee yourself a HiddenRadio as soon as they hit they market, one can be yours by pledging just $119 over at the official Kickstarter page.