Check Out The Passion This Designer Puts Into His Gorgeous Wooden MacBook Cases


One of the biggest ways Apple has changed the world is by inspiring people across the globe to focus on great design. Take Rainer Spehl for example.

Rainer is a European furniture designer who, after purchasing a 12inch iBook in 2003, was so inspired by Apple’s design ambitions that he set out to create the perfect case for his new machine despite lacking any previous experience in case making. A series of prototypes were created and ideas where tossed around, but it wasn’t until five years later that he settled on a design that he loved. His passion for his craft would be inspiring to anyone and his products speak for themselves. His MacBook Pro cases are gorgeous.

Made from solid oak and lined with genuine cow-leather, the cases are friendly and subtle. Something that reunites nostalgia with the high-tech world of the present in a way that is comfortable and sincere. Rainer Spehl is a true master craftsman striving for perfection. It takes fives hours just to complete one case over the course of three days.

  • berianlowe

    12″ MacBook in 2003?

    They were called iBook or PowerBook, silly. MacBook’s didn’t launch until 2006.

  • Buster

    his words. not mine

  • Tim Griskus

    Great looking case and all yours shipping and all to the USA for $433 dollars!  I say that’s a steal.

  • Jordan Clay

    They look great…but I got a bookbook for a lot cheaper.  If you want something like this…go on Etsy  they have a TON of apple themed things for a great price (and unique)

  • TannerBott

    looks like a great case but forking over 380CND plus shipping is pretty insane. i’d like to know what kind of wood their using then i might change my mind about the price. 

    i got myself a blackbox case and i love that case, the amount of detail that went into the case is outstanding and packaging was top of the line

  • MacGoo

    Nice case, but I would hope anyone who handcrafts laptop cases would practice this kind of attention to detail. I’m not even sold on this guy being passionate – he comes off more like a design-conscious engineer with a problem he knew he could solve himself. Sadly, in this day and age, this sort of meticulous attention to detail is the exception to the rule, and is often mistaken for passion.

  • aardman

    The ability to stand on its bottom edge might seem nice but it’s a bad design choice.  Too many careless people will stand it up in places where it will be easily be bumped and tipped over.  Not good for the hardware inside.  Then you’ll have the odd harried owner who stands it up on the edge of a table.

    Then again, at ~$400, people will probably take better care of it, maybe even worth buying a protective case for the case. :-)

  • ErgoOrgo

    This sort of case may not be for me, but I always find it fascinating to see experts at their craft at work, especially when they are shot so well, as so much on Vimeo is. This video reminded me of a more personal video about a craftsmen – a New York knife maker:

  • steventruong

    Maybe it’s just me but the case looks like shit and is way over priced. I prefer my incase case over that any day.