What Is The Best Apple Accessory of 2011? [Poll]




This year we’ve seen a slew of absolutely amazing accessories for Apple devices come to the market for both the iMac, MacBooks, iPhones, iPad and AppleTV. Many of them have been remarkable but we’re having a hard time distinguishing which Apple Accessories should be considered the absolute best of 2011, so we’re turning to our readers to help us out.

We’ve created a poll consisting of 20 Apple Accessories that we think are pretty freaking cool. Please vote on which one you lust after the most so you can have some input in our “Best of 2011” feature we’ll be running next week. Don’t see your favorite Apple Accessory up there? No worries, just write it in under the “other” field at the bottom of the list.

When you’re done voting, let us here it in the comments why you voted for the accessory you chose.

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  • FriarNurgle

    My vote is for the LifeProof iPhone Case. Really enjoy mine. It’s saved my phone a couple times from drops. It’s also pretty neat being able to pull my phone out in the rain without fear.

  • Finlay MacArthur

    Book Book iPhone case.

  • GregsTechBlog

    Voted for the smart case. It’s a smart choice for iPad owners.
    Personally, the best accessory I bought this year is the Ultimate Ears 600vi, as suggested by Cult Of Mac. 

  • Buster

    awesome. glad you liked the suggestion

  • joewaylo

    A new iPad/iPod Touch paid for would be more of a heartwarming gift for the holidays. Accessories, ehh not so much unless you’re an uber fan of tech. People would want new clothes or awesome stuff for the holidays. Even an iTunes gift card as an accessory would be more appreciated given that TV shows and software costs an arm and a leg on Apple’s iTunes.

    off topic: I think the last thing anyone would want as a gift would be a brand new car for Christmas.

  • appleattack

    The monster iSport headphones that i won on a cult of mac twitter giveaway! These rock, thank you cult of mac!

  • Brandon Dillon

    The Armored Survivor case, suggested a while back, has been a potential life-saver for my iPhone, which is somewhat of a sidekick. Besides that, I’d have to say Otterbox, for the fact that it has protected my iPad 2 and kept it in mint condition. Their iPhone 4/S case is just as good too.