Immortalize Your Next “Hangover”-style Night with Hipstamatic’s New Group Photo App



Hipstamatic Disposable from Synthetic on Vimeo.

Hipstamatic has a new group photo sharing app that just might help you remember what happened last night.

With the Hipstamatic D-Series (as in “disposable”) app,

Here’s how it works: you invite Facebook friends to participate and everyone who agrees can either shoot the roll or just view all the photos when the roll is finished. And just like analog photo rolls, those blurry shots or accidental shots of the floor go in there, too. The basic app is free, but you’ll be able to buy $0.99 lenses to further awesomeize your shots.

Fittingly, the video demo shows a hungover guy trying to put together the pieces of a rollicking night spent with friends from high school.  Like the anonymizing Tweet app, originally designed to liven up boardrooms but popular with Occupy protesters, this could be co-opted to use on reporting events, protests and the like, an scenario Allen Buick says he didn’t plan on but can well imagine.

  • MacHead84

    The overall concept of this is actually pretty cool. Im not a big fan of the “disposable” camera deal where you have a set number of photos before the roll completes. But A shared roll for an event is neat to offer images from different peoples perspectives as opposed to just one person who usual ends up in none of the pictures because they were the one responsible for taking all of them…

  • lianac

    Awesome app.  I am loving the new Dotti app that was launched today as well.  Main difference, the ability to view photos right after taking them (the good old iphone way) AND print-ability!  Like a true disposable, you can actually have your photos printed.  Thoughts?