It’s Like a Mullet: Blackberry for Business, iPhone for Pleasure [Study]


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The mullet – that unfortunate haircut that is business in the front, party in the back –  makes kind of an apt analogy with what’s going on with enterprise cell phones.

The iPhone has eroded the number of BlackBerry users, but many of them still use (or are obliged to use) company-mandated RIM devices at work.

This is what a study by Pyxis Mobile, a cross-device cross-device mobile application development platform, found. They polled mobile-toting visitors of Oracle OpenWorld 2011 including people who work in financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing, higher education, government, real estate, technology, and health and life sciences.

The micro-survey of 300 people While we’re taking the results with a grain of salt (they omitted the survey size, we’ll update if they get back to us) confirms what we’ve seen around: mainly that BlackBerry phones are still standard issue in a lot of companies. People have their business phones and their “party” phones and the two are often not one and the same.

Here are a part of the findings: BlackBerry phones for professional use slipped 7 percent from last year, while the iPhone gained 15 percent. For personal use, the iPhone held steady at 36 percent while personal use for the BlackBerry slipped to 34 percent.

“Our research validates what we’ve been hearing from our customers – the demand for enterprise mobility is strong and accelerating,” said Todd Christy, CTO and president, Pyxis Mobile. “Employees now expect tablet and smartphone access to critical business systems.”

Are you a mullet carrier? What phones do you use?

Via Pyxis Mobile

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