iFixit Introduces Two New And Improved Toolkits For Taking Apart Your Apple Gear



If you’ve been itching to perform a DIY project on your favorite Apple gadget, then you want to check out iFixit’s new and improved toolkits. The company’s 54 Bit Driver and Pro Tech Base toolkits have been updated with new additions and improvements.

Whether you need to take apart your Mac or iPhone, iFixit has given you the tools you need to get the job done. Both kits are highly portable and available for less than $100.

The 54 Bit Driver Kit is perfect for the DIY enthusiast, and it won’t break your bank at only $25. Here’s some of the additions to the new kit:

  • Pentalobe bits to open the iPhone 4, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.
  • T7 through T20 security bits to fit Torx security screws with a pin in the center.
  • A full line of metric nut drivers.
  • JIS bits to fit the screws found in digital cameras, R/C helicopters, and other high-end electronics.
  • A custom adapter to allow our small precision bits to be used in standard 1/4″ screwdrivers with larger handles, ratcheting handles, or torque drivers.
  • A 60 mm extension that doubles as a T-handle, making it easy to get extra torque and remove stubborn screws.

The Pro Tech Base Toolkit is the larger option with every tool you need for your geeky arsenal. It comes with the 54 Bit Driver Kit included, which is a great deal for $60. Here are the new additions:

  • 54 Bit Driver Kit
  • Anti-static wrist strap
  • 4 plastic opening tools
  • 4 precision tweezers
  • Spudger
  • 4 metal spudgers
  • Small suction cup
  • iFixit ruler
  • Custom-made tool roll

We’ve been testing the Pro Tech Base Toolkit, and it comes in a foldable bag that makes it super portable. You could pass for a doctor, repair specialist, or serial killer with iFixit’s toolkit — it’s all up to you (we’re obviously against serial killers).

You can order both kits on iFixit’s website just in time for Christmas!