Win Your Own Pair Of Customized Fanny Wang Headphones From Cult Of Mac [Giveaway]



Earlier this week we reviewed the Fanny Wang On-Ear Headphones and concluded they’re a pretty great set of cans. One cool thing about the the Fanny Wang headphones we didn’t mention was that you can order a completely customized pair from the Fanny Wang website. Because we know you guys love a nice set of headphones, we’re giving away one free pair of Custom 2001 Fanny Wang On-Ear headphones to a lucky reader. You can customize them however you want and keep them for yourself, or give the coupon to a friend for the Holidays as a gift.

I’ve never been the best at math, but I’m pretty sure there are almost 1.5 million different color configurations possible, so to determine a winner for this giveaway we’re going to be taking submissions to see who can design the best pair of headphones.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow Cult of Mac on Twitter

2) Like Us On Facebook

3) Go to THIS LINK and custom design a pair of Fanny Wang 2001’s

4) Take a screenshot of your design and upload it to the web (He’s a quick how-to)

5)  Comment on this article with your Twitter handle and Facebook ID and post the URL to your custom designed headphones


We’ll be accepting submissions from now till Saturday December 17th at 10PM PST. Once the deadline has closed we’ll go over everyone’s design and choose our favorites.

This giveaway is open to all readers both in the U.S. and Internationally.

Best of luck to everyone who enters, now hurry up and get to customizing!


Update: Congratulations to Dana Campbell (@danajc) on winning the giveaway. We had so many entrants it was impossible to declare whose design was best, so we randomly selected between some of our favorites. Thanks for making this giveaway a big success. Stay tuned for more to come.


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244 responses to “Win Your Own Pair Of Customized Fanny Wang Headphones From Cult Of Mac [Giveaway]”

  1. Abdulmajeed Jaffer says:

    twitter : @fungooos:disqus 
    FB : Abdulmajeed Jaffer

  2. Demetria Cipriano says:

    twitter: @demetria_c:twitter

  3. DC_star says:

    Want to win this awesome headphones.

  4. Krzysztof Starzecki says:… @EJ_cameleOn @cultofmac 

  5. Abdulmajeed Jaffer says:

    twitter : @fungooos:twitter 
    fb : Abdulmajeed Jaffer

  6. Craig Dixon says:

    I need me some of these!!/thetony….

    Come on Cult of Mac you know I need these for XMas!

  7. Craig Dixon says:

    I need me some of these!… on Cult of Mac I need these for XMas!

  8. FriarNurgle says:

    Too complicated. Can’t you just take this comment as my entry and trust that my design would be epic?

  9. TannerBott says:

    LOL did you say complicated? what’s so hard about liking them on twitter and Facebook, posting your link to both social networks and posting a screenshot of your custom fanywang headphones. if thats “complicated” for you i’d hate to see what your life is like 

  10. Ale Sánchez García says:

    I really hope i could win these headphones, i love them

  11. paulgo says:

    Facebook:  paulke.go
    Twitter:  paulgo

  12. gareth edwards says:


    This is something that Chris Morris would have had as a news item on the Day Today or Brass Eye.  It’s all the Christmas present I need knowing that people are walking around in a fresh pair of Fanny Wangs. priceless.

  13. lehisanchez says:

    I think “too complicated” means having trouble finalizing a design. I’ve been playing around with colors for the past 20 minutes!

  14. Chris N says:


    id=563873759 Facebook

  15. GregsTechBlog says:

    I don’t think posting a direct link to your social networks is a great plan. 
    Why even use screen names if you’re going to post a link that reveals your full name, and with a quick search, everything about you?

  16. jinncarlo says:

    Inspired by the Philippine flag (my country).

    My design:….

  17. TannerBott says:

    i do agree with Gregs, posting direct links to social network sites isn’t the best of idea’s, maybe just liking cultofmac on both is good enough along with posting a screenshot… uploaded my file to my cloud account

  18. FrozN says:

    I guess not.

    My headphones (I just like the blue color ;) ):

  19. Anipz Raymond says:

    I hope for a new headphone this year T_T

    TWITTER :!/HaniffR
    FACEBOOK :….

    DESIGN : 

  20. LordGideon says:

    I have to agree with everyone else. Posting a link to my facebook is really NOT going to happen. I highly value my privacy.

  21. NetworkShadow says:

    My custom design:
    My Twitter:
    My Facebook:

  22. Nicholas Costanzo says:

    I really hope I win these!!/nlcostan

  23. Anipz Raymond says:

    I don’t really about anything complicated or another privacy thing…just want Fanny Wang headphone sooo bad ! T_T

    TWITTER :!/HaniffR… :….

  24. Buster says:

    if your page is private then it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just to verify that you’ve met the requirements. This was a requirement on the Projector giveaway and we had no complaints.

  25. lehisanchez says:

    I posted my social links once in a similar situation as this and soon after I starting receiving a large amount of friends/follower requests from chicks in their skivvies looking for a good time.

  26. Buster says:

    if your page is private then it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just to verify that you’ve met the requirements. This was a requirement on the Projector giveaway and we had no complaints.

  27. dbig_J says:

    It looks so beautiful. Want this
    Facebook : jerry roring
    Twitter : @dbig_J
    Link :

  28. LordGideon says:

    Okay. I’m just worried sometimes. :)


  29. Jordan Santos says:

    yo yo! I hope I win! Lakers inspired!,… 
    Link to my headphones:

  30. dbig_J says:

    It looks so beautiful. Want it!

  31. Jordan Santos says:

    yo yo! I hope I win! Lakers inspired!,… 
    Link to my headphones:

  32. Craig Fate says:

    heres my design
    heres my FB,
    here my twitter,!/Brokeni

    i really want these !

  33. lehisanchez says:

    The possibilities are endless! I’ll settle for this setup.

    Facebook: lehisanchez
    Twitter: lehisanchez

    I hope just providing the handles qualifies!

  34. Tyler Thomas says:

    Twitter:!/TylerTho…… Designed Headphones:…§ionId=ysco.cart&yscoc=L.fKwWMmAUfhUeXzxAVETRaORs3KOQIAzlqfhJeWLH1BOKLsXpqlRQNodzZiXKGLDvQ8.sGyw_B40AWVpvfJ063t.z2ZCJuT146zeuxr26GJefqQGxwLDKK6nFY5aBffxrdHXUd9SwIcWA–&yscos=NxrEtRQmAUc7hwJmpXjjvXX0iuCQjd9StCLJpU3wU3jkxZGp.GF9x0kcmiZiIyi6KlY_Pgz9oYd3Ctw3RcMq1aiOUwKpfdKaJXEn.dgmIgtRn_UAIhYmruFTq_Jus7.PraRy8r8sX.WNqQ–&yscob=05rmfBAmAUfCIGMsty8kgNlYcZUFNMJkDsSXuX3TPoI1UQdQvNV7k2guzVtLt0ga6stDs6z9L4vKfaVxDuRKm0U1640trkcqZEz5FKqR8txRA7jku0GjFmNK340XL8Yvqw–Thanks Cult of Mac! It’s awesome to see you care about your viewers.

  35. Carlos Rojo says:

    I hope I have mine sent to me ASAP

  36. Adam Dyke says:

    Sorry, Here’s mine with my info:!/AdamWDyk
    Twitter: AdamWDyke
    Facebook: Adam Dyke

  37. jinncarlo says:

    Inspired by the Philippine flag (I know, I’m patriotic)

    Twitter: @jinncarlo:twitter
    My design:….

  38. gareth edwards says:

    OK, here’s my stab at it. Happy impending Crimbo to everyone on the site BTW. Hope you all have a good one. Facebooked too.

  39. Yuferril Yunos says:

    It looks so cool!! 

    Facebook : Yuferril Yunos
    Twitter : @Yuferril

    I hope I can win! ^^

  40. irahmansyah says:

    Crossing my fingers…

    Facebook: irahmansyahTwitter: irahmansyah

  41. Speech_Geek says:

    Here goes nothing!

    Facebook:   Twitter: Speech_Geek!/Speech_

  42. evan_yeung says:

    Great! Like a quick everyday beater headphones!

  43. Bernard Brzezinski says:

    These Fanny Wang headphones are sweet! I had no idea there was a company that could completely customize headphones like this. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

    You can find me on Facebook as BernardBrzezinski
    Twitter as BernardPhoto

    Good luck to everyone!

  44. Tomás Marques says:

    Cult of Mac is the BEST!!!

  45. radie842 says:

    twitter @radie842:disqus 

  46. Bill Morlitz says:

    Those of you who are married know that just about everything purchased is a compromise so having a chance to get something that’s my own color design on a personal hardware item really allows me to say, “Ho, ho, ho”!

  47. Femi0815 says:

    Sweet headphones. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Facebook: FemiCooper
    Twitter: @Mskitkat88:twitter

  48. Danieldoyle says:

    Cult of Awesome!
    Twitter: @iDann
    Screenshot URL:

  49. Jesse Zimmer says:

    Could really use these headphones. 


    Twitter :Jessez814

  50. Joe Wroblewski says:

    Facebook: joedevivre

    Twitter: @jwroblewski:twitter 

  51. Dowd19 says:

    Facebook: nathandowd
    Twitter: @dowd19:twitter [IMG]…[/IMG]

  52. dcj001 says:

    Here’s the winner:


    Twitter: @DaneCJorgensen:disqus 

  53. NapMan says:

    Twitter:  NapMan
    Facebook:  michael.napier

  54. Oh Yabz says:

    Love the customization feature

    Twitter: @YabaMon:twitter

     Facebook Oh Yabz

  55. Maruthern says:

    Love it! Please pick mine ^_^’

    Facebook: Maria Hernandez
    Twitter: @Maruthern

  56. Giarc says:

    I’d never heard of Fanny Wang before. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  57. Logan_Hickle says:

    Love this customizing! These are themed with my school colors, Sam Houston State University. Number 1 seed in the NCAA Division 1 playoffs and only team left in Texas that’s undefeated, 13-0! Would be great to wear these around school and to the championship game!

    Twitter- @Logan_Hickle:twitter 
    Facebook- logan.hickle

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  58. artfulEric says:

    Sounds a little complicated, but it’s one way to increase viewership numbers, I guess.

  59. Sonal Khodiyar says:


    Facebook: sonal.khodiyar

    u had the best combination as your display for the article, i had intuitively created that but then realized its same as what u had on display, so designed another… heartbreaker … :)

  60. Michael Cheney says:

    Twitter = @SachseDad:disqus Facebook = Michael Cheney

  61. Joe Krupa says:

    Twitter: N1ESB
    Facebook: joe.krupa

  62. Roentgenium says:

    Facebook: dont have

    going for the apple themed headphones :D

  63. Kel Grant says:

    twitter: @frankie4349:disqus 
    Facebook: frankie4349

  64. carlospacheco74 says:

    Love Fanny Wang headphones. I went for simple straight forward black on grey with a red accent strip! 

    Twitter: @carlospache_co:disqus 

  65. Peter Park says:

    Twitter: @peterchorokpark
    Facebook: Peter Park (username: Peter Chorok Park)

    Thank you cult of Mac ! My Korean name means green (Chorok) and I am a believer of “less is more”! So I went with the simple black and green concept!

  66. Donn Shumway says:

    Twitter: virtualdonn

  67. Clark Wallace says:

    How generous of you guys, thanks Buster & all at at Cult of Mac.

    Twitter: @omgwutsthat:twitter  

    I tried to go for an Apple inspired design, white, black and silver.

    Happy Holidays!

  68. David Peck says:
    Facebook: madmonk
    Twitter: david_peck

  69. Peter Park says:

    Twitter: @peterchorokpark
    Facebook: Peter Park (display name: Peter Chorok Park)

  70. Ashley says:

    Facebook: aschrader
    Twitter: @ashleynikole3

  71. Alexander Buczynsky says:

    Twitter: @AlexBuczynsky:twitter  

    I’ve been wanting a nice set of cans ever since i started performing. Our band started initially playing for maybe 20 max, now we play for over 500 every wednesday. Our band is THE MOVE band and I’ve been using the cans they got there, but its nothing great, so it be AWESOME if I got some really nice ones. I play keys btw. 

  72. Sherri L. Smith says:

    Love Fanny Wang! I’ve been dying for a pair ever since I first saw them!

    Facebook: sherri.l.smith
    Twitter: @Misssmith11

  73. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
    Twitter: @byuballboy:disqus

  74. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
    Twitter: @byuballboy:twitter

  75. Josh Rutkowski says:

    Facebook: joshuarutkowski
    Twitter: @joshuarutkowski:disqus 

    Inspired by the synergy of the  white iPhone 4s with black otter box commuter case, this elegant design is Apple worthy with its minimalistic nature. 

  76. Connor Weisman says:

    Facebook: Connor Weisman
    Twitter: cw1645

    A wacky and cool design which makes an amazing fashion statement… :)

  77. McSizzle says:

    I love these headphones and my design should be a standard model. If you say they look like Beats I’ll … beat you. I’ve liked and followed CoM for a long long time. 
    Twitter: @mikemckenzy:disqus 
    Link to my awesome headphones:

  78. citadelsix says:

    Facebook: eric.r.price
    Twitter: #CitadelSix

    Okay, I took a couple of liberties with the options (but there’s the “Jobs” center disc option right there!!).  Fortunately, there’s a decal shop down the street who can help me complete these.  :)

  79. Adnan M says:

    Facebook:Adnan XAdnanx

  80. AlterThending says:

    Facebook: Nathan Handy (
    Twitter: Alterthending

    I thought the design process was pretty cool but didn’t want to go crazy with 10 different colors. 

  81. Jackson says:

    Facebook: Jackson.myers
    Twitter: JaxMyers

    I’d make a custom set of rasta style headphones like this:

  82. Bill George says:

    Twitter: @wmgeorge767

    Love these headphones!

  83. Joseph Strovas says:

    Facebook: Joseph Strovas
    Twitter: JGS1701


  84. Daniel Ploeger ? says:

    Facebook: Gothiccynthia
    Twitter: Welloe

  85. Ryan Cataquiz Caguia says:

    Twitter : @allfunkedup:disqus 
    Facebook :

  86. Ryan Cataquiz Caguia says:

    Twitter: @allfunkedup:disqus 
    Facebook: rcaguia

  87. al friede says:

    tw/fb : alfriede

    i dubbed mine : stylin’ profilin’

  88. kevdking says:

    Twitter: kevdking
    Facebook: FTickler

    As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I haven’t had much to celebrate for 40 years. Hopefully I can celebrate a Canucks helmet-inspired FW headphone win.

  89. dcj001 says:

    Inspired by shades of grey, with the Fanny Wang name in white on black, so that it stands out, here is the winner:

    Twitter: @DaneCJorgensen 
    Facebook: DaneCJorgensen

    The Facebook URL is Facebook dot com slash DaneCJorgensen

  90. Joshann Schoen-Clark says:

    Facebook: joshann
    Twitter: purpleebchan

    Never find these in stores XD Want!

  91. Vince Spalding says:

    Twitter: ArM4ND01
    Facebook: vince.spalding

    Mmmmmm customlicious

  92. Rock Campbell says:

    Twitter: rockcampbell
    Facebook: rockcampbell

  93. William M says:

    Facebook: darkienz
    Twitter: talesonrails

    My inspiration is an old school track from the naughties – the headphones worn by the young lad in the music video for Freestyler by the Bomfunk MCs. Oldschool.

  94. Domonique Janai Nickens says:

    Twitter: @domjanai:disqus 

  95. JohnnyLemonseed says:

    Facebook: Johnny Lemonseed
    Twitter:  JhonnyLemonseed

    Black White and Orange.  Yes.

  96. danajc says:

    Facebook: danajc
    Twitter: danajc

  97. SamEd27 says:


  98. Bojan Dimovski says:

    Twitter: bojand
    Facebook: bdimovski

  99. charlie edwards says:

    T: Charliejedwards F: Charliejedwards

  100. the17thman says:

    I did them black and pink.  Was going to do white and pink for Pink Snow Bunnies!

  101. Tyler W says:

    Pick me
    twitter: tywa223 , Duke Tyler W
    Fb:tai wert

  102. JhonnyAyrout says:

    Twitter: JhonnyAyrout
    Facebook: Jhonny.Ayrout
    Screenshot URL:

  103. JhonnyAyrout says:

    Twitter: JhonnyAyrout
    Facebook: Jhonny.Ayrout
    Screenshot: [attached to this post since writing the URL wouldn’t let me post the comment]
    as for the design, I’ll name it: “easy sky”

  104. ChetFalk says:


    Facebook: Chet.falk
    Twitter: Chetinyourface

    (edit: my beats by dre on-ears literally just broke as i put them on head. i really could use a new pair :/ and without paying another couple hundred dollars )

  105. François Gladu says:

    Here’s mine!
    My take “Lucky Strike”:

  106. Roey Hershkovitz says:

    twitter: RoeyHz
    facebook: Roeyh

  107. Andrew says:

    Twitter: @andrewcrook:twitter 
    Facebook: andrewcrook

  108. Tommy Anderson says:

    twitter/facebook: tootuffttom
    Black around the head and ears b/c white gets dirty.  White for the rest for a nice clean look.  And finish it up with an accent color to make them pop.

  109. Tommy Anderson says:

    twitter/facebook: tootuffttom
    Black around the head and ears b/c white gets dirty.  White for the rest for a nice clean look.  And finish it up with an accent color to make them pop.

  110. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
    Twitter: @byuballboy:twitter

  111. Alan Kriegel says:

    Twitter/facebook: akrieg

    Black, white, and red. Subtle, classic, and oh so stylish!

  112. LukealiciousX says:

    Here’s mine. Mine are a younger style of kinda cool and relaxed but also the outside flash of orange shows I’m a music lover and have a creative style. You may find me on the Twitter: @LukealiciousX or on that FaceBook for: Yanimiah Jeksh.

  113. Daniel Acedo says:

    Twitter: DanielAcedo ( )
    Facebook: Acedo.Daniel (… )

  114. Ryan Robertson says:

    I need a new pair of fones! Sleek. Simple. Apple-esque.

    Twitter: robertson_rj

    Facebook: Ryan Robertson

  115. Dowd19 says:

    Twitter/Facebook: @dowd19:disqus

  116. charlie edwards says:

    F:  charliejedwards
    T: charliejedwards

  117. Alexavier Mata says:

    It Just works! Simple, yet beautiful!
    Facebook: URL:Matapr27 or Alexavier Mata
    Twiter: Matapr27

  118. Taylor David Gerdes says:

    Rolln to Air Force soon so repn the blue.

    Facebook: taylor.gerdes

  119. LFRGoldstein says:

    Please I Wanna win this..!!! Plus I love CultofMac :D


  120. Enoch Cheng says:

    It’s both sleek and colorful. 
    Facebook and Twitter: ecturbo

  121. Robert Santellan says:

    These are some pretty nice headphones. Not a huge fan of over-the-ear headphones, but these I would use. Nice design.

    Twitter: RobertSantellan
    Facebook: Robert Santellan

  122. Tana T says:

    twitter/facebook: mrpalm9

  123. AlterThending says:

    Facebook: Nathan Handy
    Twitter: @Alterthending:twitter 

    I didn’t want to go overboard with colors so I went with Black, Red, and White. I just hope I don’t pass some Crips should I win these. 

  124. dbig_J says:

    Facebook : jerry roring
    Twitter : @dbig_J:disqus 

  125. Adam McParlane says:

    Facebook and Twitter: QuietRiot3

  126. jinncarlo says:

    Inspired by the Philippine flag (my country). Gotta have this. *crosses fingers*

    Twitter: @jinncarlo:twitter
    My design:….

  127. William Abajian says:

    Here’s mine. A nice color combination.
    twitter: wpabajian
    facebook: iwill.g4

  128. accromez says:

    Hello guys, could someone let me know on which site to upload the design, thanks :).

  129. AlterThending says:

    Do it right on this page in the bottom left of the text field is a +image button. 

  130. Arshish says:

    Facebook :Arshish
    Twitter : Vthavok

  131. Douglas Roper says:

    Facebook: douglas.roper
    Twitter: @DW_Roper:twitter 

  132. andres lopez says:

    Hope to be lucky this time :)
    FB: Andrés Sebastián López
    Twitter @andre5lop:disqus

  133. andres lopez says:

    FB: Andrés Sebastián López
    Twitter: @andre5lop:disqus 
    With the pic :)

  134. charlie edwards says:

    Well, how long does it take to approve a comment?

  135. charlie edwards says:

    Twit and face: charliejedwards

  136. charlie edwards says:

    Don’t forget to check out what I was searching for. 

  137. Peter G says:

    Twitter:  @himynameispeter
    Facebook: piotrek.gryszka

  138. Jared Stout says:

    twitter:@jareddd facebook:jared stout (

  139. Jared Stout says:

    twitter:@jareddd facebook:jaredddd.stout

  140. John Duffy says:

    Twitter: @JohnDuffy12:twitter 
    Facebook: jduffs

  141. Anipz Raymond says:

    well this is the third time i’m submitting because i was being held for approval even it has been for days and i’m start to worried if my submit never reach admins :(

    Twitter : @HaniffRaymond:twitter Facebook : anipz.raymond

  142. Michael Logan says:

    Nice contest. Here’s my submission… with a little touch of school pride. Fear the turtle! (Terp Nation deserves to win SOMETHING this year! LOL)

    Twitter: @uhnoneemus:disqus 


  143. François Gladu says:

    Twitter: @fgladu:disqus 

    My Headphones:

  144. Stephanie Widdis says:

    Twitter: swiddis
    Facebook: Stephanie Widdis

  145. Michael Logan says:

    Twitter: uhnoneemus
    Facebook: uhnoneemus

  146. DC_star says:

    Twitter: @DC_star:twitter 
    Facebook: AKDCstar

  147. François Gladu says:

    Trying for the third time…
    Twitter: @fgladu:twitter 
    FB: fgadu

  148. Karen Daly says:

    I couldn’t decide which one, so I posted the three ones I customized and love it more!
    here is my twitter: @kdaly I don’t have right now =(

  149. Karen Daly says:

    I forgot the last one…hehehehe and I wrote my twitter wrong! What a mess I am!!!! =$
    twitter: @kdaly7424:disqus

  150. Terence Tsai says:

    twiiter: @terence_tsai:disqus  
    facebook: tsai.terence

    something simple: 388675_10150460221434752_503634751_8298643_299148213_n.jpg

  151. Terence Tsai says:

    i guess the link didn’t work ? haha :S

  152. François Gladu says:

    Here i go again.
    Twitter:  @fgladu 
    My design:
    Hope it works!

  153. CamilaCastillo says:

    twitter: @camcas:twitter
    facebook: camilacastillo9

  154. Francois Gladu says:

    Twitter: @fgladu:disqus 
    Facebook: fgladu

  155. Andrew Cha says:

    Twitter: @andrewhcha:twitter  

    Facebook: andrewcha /////

  156. Andrew Cha says:

    Twitter: @andrewhcha:twitter 
    Facebook: andrewcha

  157. Francois Gladu says:

    Twitter: fgladu
    Facebook: fgladu

  158. Alessandro Ceccarell says:

    Twitter: @CeccarelloA:twitter
    Facebook: aceccarello

  159. Francois Gladu says:

    I must be doing something wrong, i follow you on twitter, liked you on facebook and posted my twitter and facebook ID plus a picture of my design…
    Can you help me please?

    Twitter: fgladu
    Facebook: fgladu

  160. mike scotch says:


  161. mike scotch says:



  162. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
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  163. Yeuda Ben-atar says:

    Twitter: @sidebrain:twitter 
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  164. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
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  165. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
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  166. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
    Twitter: @byuballboy

  167. Sean Reagan says:

    Facebook: Sean Reagan
    Twitter: @byuballoby:twitter

  168. jinncarlo says:

    Inspired by my country’s flag (Philippines). Oh yes!

    My design:

  169. jinncarlo says:

    Here’s my entry. Since @disqus has not been kind to me and still no review from them for my comment, I used pastie to post my entry. Thanks for understanding @cultofmac.

  170. jinncarlo says:

    Here’s my entry. Sorry cultofmac if it’s on pastie. My comment (with an image) does not appear here.

  171. jinncarlo says:

    Here’s my entry. Inspired by my country’s flag (Philippines).

    Twitter: https:// twitter. com /#!/ jinncarlo
    Facebook: https:// facebook. com / gcafernando
    My design: http:// i41. tinypic. com/ 25p5uuq.png

    Sorry for the ‘spaces’ on links. It’s the only way my comment will be posted here. Thanks!

  172. Domonique Janai Nickens says:

    Facebook: or Domonique Nickens
    twitter: @domjanai:disqus 

  173. Jeff DeWolfe says:

    Twitter: jdewolfe
    My sweet headphone design!:

  174. Jeff DeWolfe says:

    Twitter: jdewolfe
    Sweet Headphone Design:

  175. Mark Ooms says:


    My twitter: @markooms:twitter 
    My facebook: Mark Ooms (fb dot com /mark.ooms)
    Here’s my try:

  176. AbdulrahmanTL says:

    twitter : @AbdulrahmanTL:disqus 
    fb : FB.COM/AbdulrahmanTL

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  177. Unknown says:

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