iOS 5.1 Beta 2 Teases Bloggers With References To iPhone 10, iPad 8 & Apple TV 9 [Humor]



9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has been peeling through the .plist files of the latest iOS 5.1 beta, and it appears that Apple is screwing with bloggers on purpose: weary of people dissecting the iOS files for mention of future iPhones and iPads, iOS 5.1 Beta 2 references the Apple TV 9, iPad 8, and iPhone 10, among others.

We’ve dedicated more than a few posts t0 declaring that a new iPad or iPhone is coming thanks to .plist references, but even so, I think this is pretty funny. Way to screw with a poor tech blogger’s head, Apple! The message is clear from here on out: you can’t trust iOS’s .plist files for a scoop. Well done!

  • gannonburgett

    Well played, Apple.

  • Abdiel Crocamo ? ?


  • _HROH

    Haha. Nice one

  • Ryan Simmons

    This made me laugh hard. So hard. I love Apple’s sense of humour there.

  • MacHead84

    I cant wait for the people who didnt understand this to start posting on how they cant wait for these all to get released fall of 2012!

  • Timothy Williamson

    OMG can’t wait for the iPhone 10 to be released in Fall 2012!11

  • Jordan Clay

    This is AWESOME!

    I loved those headlines that were like “iPad (iPhone) 3/(5) is coming, confirmed by .plist”

    Really!!!! Apple isn’t going to discontinue the absolute most successful product(s) it has really ever had!!!

  • IamJAd

    Pretty damn funny.  But Mr. Cook shouldn’t blame blogs when they speculate, and that affected sales of current products.

  • Kuipo

    Apple: “Your move bloggers…”

  • SevanGrim

    it was a negative effect for the 4s. Many sensible people (myself included, but i dont have a blog) looked back at Apple’s history and knew it was too soon for a 5 for many reasons. But all these bloggers playing fanboy lead to an initial hatred of the 4S that was only trumped by the Apple fan need to buy all Apple products regardless.
       The less bloggers can point to and say “look”, the better it will be. People would have bought the 4s regardless, but they felt jipped that it wasnt the god machine bloggers had been hyping for 6 months.

  • Phill Pafford

    I’d like to be the first to say maybe Apple is not screwing with bloggers. I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 Clam shell, optional keyboard, Mini, iPhone 5 LTE, iPhone 5 Unicorn, iPhone 5 in additional colors, etc…