What Phone Would Mad Men’s Don Draper Use? Guess. [Photo]



Which phone would fictional advertising genius Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men use? No surprises here: as this picture of Jon Hamm from the set of the hit television proves, only the phone with the best and most convincing advertising campaign on Earth, an iPhone, would do for Draper.

[via iSource]

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7 responses to “What Phone Would Mad Men’s Don Draper Use? Guess. [Photo]”

  1. jeanlouisnguyen says:

    Are we on TMZ and I don’t know it?

  2. GH says:


    uh huh. Have you never watched the show? wtf is this site becoming.

  3. Warren Tabolt says:

    I’ve often found myself wondering which phone fictional neanderthal Fred Flintstone would use..

    The answer is the one most shaped like the rock I wish I could throw at Brownlee’s head for wasting my time with stupid articles like this one.

  4. Andrew Hernandez says:

    Cool. Story. Bro.

  5. TradeGothicBold says:

    Things to find out before I die number 248 crossed from the list.  Thank you so much.

  6. iDaBoss says:

    hear hear!

  7. Seth Chapman says:

    The Pebl.

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