Get $80 – $100 Off Almost Any iPad 2 Right Now [Deals]



Are you a rag-swaddled, impoverished soul, prowling the cold, ice-swept streets in an O. Henry-esque search for the perfect Christmas gift that can be had for your loved one for less than $420? The Spirit of Christmas is here with the deal for you: Apple has just dropped the price of all their refurbished iPad 2s, and they now start at just $419.

The $80 discount is actually a pretty good one, considering that when the iPad 2 first debuted, Apple only offered $50 off on each model. Now, the 16GB models are discounted by $80 in both WiFi and 3G flavors, and the 32GB and 64GB versions are discounted $100.

The only exception? Sadly, Apple is out-of-stock of the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi+3G model.

Should you buy a refurbished iPad 2 over a new one for Christmas? Absolutely. In my opinion, refurbished models are better than new: not only are they the best deals going on current Apple hardware, but since they’ve been repaired, refurbished and had their batteries replaced at the factories, they’re actually less likely to be broken on arrival than a new Apple product, not more.

And hey, if you don’t mind an even older model of iPad, the deals get even crazier: a refurbished 32GB iPad 3G costs only $399, which is $230 off the price it originally retailed at.

You can find deals on refurbished iPads here.

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4 responses to “Get $80 – $100 Off Almost Any iPad 2 Right Now [Deals]”

  1. Jordan Clay says:

    Shoot, i just got mine in 2 days ago.  Wonder if they offer a price matching program since it is a $50 drop for the White 32GB.

    Anybody have any experience with this?

  2. Jordan Clay says:

    Update:  I just spent 5 minutes on the phone with Apple,   Since it was w/i 14 days of shipping they credited the $50 difference. 

  3. harryscrotumm says:

    I got a great deal at Wal-Mart. Bought a 16GB, iPad 2, and got a $50 iTunes card thrown in.

  4. John Mozelewski says:

    i just sold  my ipad 2 16 gb and im buying a ipad 32 gb wifi and 3g i want gps and im tired of no jailbreak for my ipad 2 maybe ill get ipad 2 win 3 comes out i only used cam 1 time though so i mgiht just keep my ipad 1 til 4th comes out

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