The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Is Free On iTunes



If you’re a big fan of The Beatles’ psychotropic adventure to save Pepperland from the hopping foots and music-hating Blue Meanies, here’s a great deal: Apple is offering the children’s e-book adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine for free to anyone who wants to download it.

In the iBook, clips from the movie have been added to the text and can be viewed on any page, either as embedded videos or expanded to full-screen. There’s also a gaggle of interactive animations, boinking sound effects and Yoko-free music clips to enjoy.

Even if it were rendered in dead tree pulp instead of electrons, the Yellow Submarine book isn’t exactly a rat-crusher at just 43 pages, but if you’re a Yellow Submarine fan or just want to familiarize your small children with the acid-fueled dreams and dementia of the 60s, this is the free e-book for you.

  • Ed_Kel

    Maybe you should consider headlining your articles in a manner that doesn’t imply music. 

    Thanks for ruining my day.

  • Don Pope

    A book? Meh! I thought it was the album.

  • Franklin Jr Marceter

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  • AvoidDroid

    Very nice interactive book and great that it’s freeeeeee !!!

  • AvoidDroid

    Very nice interactive book and great that it’s freeeeeee !!!