Check Out This Video Walkthrough Of Apple’s Huge New Grand Central Location



We’ve seen a lot of images of the inside of the new Grand Central Terminal Apple Store ahead of its Friday grand opening scheduled for 10AM, but up until I saw this three-minute YouTube video walking through it, I had no idea just how big the space was.

It’s just huge. I suppose it would have to be, given the amount of traffic this store is going to get, but even so, it’s going to take the average person at least a few minutes to walk from one end to the other.

[via Apple 2.0]

  • crateish

    Good God. Once critics see the size of what Apple controls, expect more ‘outrage’ over the ‘deal’ they got on the space.

  • Melissa7587

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  • Al

    I know I’m supposed to say OMG IT’S AWESOME but actually, the layout appears confusing disjointed and weird, and it sounds like there is a huge amount of ambient noise. The corridoors and doorways linking the parts will easily become bottlenecks.

    If I want to choose a shop to look round, one which is confusingly laid out, noisy, and may often have blocked corridoors and doorways isn’t my first choice. Is the architecture enough to make up for this?

    That’s my 2c anyway from watching a video.
    Of course this may not be the case in person. And I’m sure they’ll make money hand over fist regardless of what anyone thinks.

  • Commonman

    Shit….that is one big ass store!!!

  • Goldie20

    Wow, its like every other Apple store, only bigger and more disjointed. Wow

  • Jam Del Rosario

    disappointing. the design is confused and lacks focus unlike other apple stores.