Save Your iPhone’s Life – Win a Free Insurance Policy from Cult of Mac [Giveaway]



The saddest moment of my life was when my iPhone 4’s screen shattered to pieces after I dropped it while riding my bike. The second saddest moment of my life was when the Apple Genius Bar guy told me how much it was going to cost to fix it. (What can I say, I’ve lived a sheltered life).  Had I known about SquareTrade’s insurance for iPhone the painful blow could have been softened.  SquareTrade’s got some great prices on insurance coverage for your iPhone so that you don’t have to worry about what happens when you inevitably do something clumsy like spill your milk on the speaker, or drop it while playing with your kids.

Because our readers have been so amazing to us this year, we’re giving away two iPhone warranties (worth $200 each!). The warranties last for two years, so if you just bought an iPhone 4S you can rest assured that your beautiful new baby will stay intact for the remainder of your contract. Wanna win a free iPhone warranties?


Here are the rules for the giveaway:

1) Follow Cult of Mac on Twitter

2) Tweet the following line “I need iPhone insurance from @cultofmac & @squaretrade because [insert your own reason here]”

The funnier and creative your reason is then they more likely you will be to win.

We’ll be selecting two random winners on Friday, December 9that 9am PST.

Want to earn one extra entry into the contest? Re-Tweet any article from Cult of Mac today and add the tag #iLoveCultofMac and we’ll put your name in the drawing twice (only one extra entry per person).

SquareTrade would love to let you know about other great promotions they’ll be having throughout the holidays, so if you’re interested in their amazing products, follow them on Twitter, or like their Facebook Page.

  • Al

    A small correction :)

    “we’re giving away two iPhone warranties (worth $200 each!).”According to their website, they are actually $99 each, so a total of about $200 for both, rather than each.Source:


  • RichardHenderson

    The funnier and creative your reason is then they more likely you will be to win.
    We’ll be selecting two random winners on Friday, December 9th at 9am PST.

    So which is it? A random contest or not a random contest?

  • Carlos Costa

    on the squaretrade website they say that you can only buy this if you bought your IPhone in the last 30 days. does this count for the giveaway?
    if so. no one will be able to get it.
    publicity stunt?
    rip off?
    or actually being generous and giving it away to ANYONE who has an IPhone?
    you decide

  • Carlos Costa

    i agree, they seem confusing and vague in this article. makes you wonder

  • JonathanRWegner

    Seriously guys — get a LifeProof case, it’s all the insurance you need. Still, I love Cult of Mac, you guys rock.

  • Jessica Mack

    Ha ha, I was just about to say the exact same thing. Just get a LifeProof case for $70!

  • AdamA

    is this available for all of those unfortunate living outside US…?

  • SevanGrim

    lol i was wondering too

  • Vince Tseng

    Hi Carlos,

    You can get coverage for older iPhones via the SquareTrade iPhone App — it is more expensive though, $149 for 2 years.

    The winner of the contest will also get a free warranty coupon that can be used for a future iPhone purchase.

    Vince Tseng

  • dcj001

    So, Buster, who won?

  • Buster

    Winner of the Giveaway was @Nevadadrifter @RedLeader65