Facebook Is Bringing Video Calling To The iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch



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10 responses to “Facebook Is Bringing Video Calling To The iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch”

  1. Todd Garland says:

    Stalkers delight. I mean imagine all the people who can’t/don’t constrain their privacy settings. There’s the window. It’s open. Crawl on in.

  2. Andy Murdock says:

    A huge team of layers is reading the T&Cs for this new service. Be very careful of what image you project through this corporate video service, I have a feeling everyone will be secretly watching you, judging you, using your actions against you.

  3. Roderick Peterson says:

    Definitely not excited about this addition.

  4. Ronald Stepp says:

    Don’t we have that, it’s called “Facetime?”

  5. eyyad says:

    Yeah not everyone got iPhone iPad iTouch or Macs to have FaceTime BUT almost everyone got Facebook :) see the point here :D ?

  6. warrengonline says:

    This cool!!  Oh wait…  I have FaceTime AND Skype on iPod Touch and iPad2.  Why this now?  How about – “I haven’t spoken to you personally and you haven’t spoken to me personally, ‘AUTO-REMOVE’.”

  7. guptaarun says:

    But why

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