This iPhone-Controlled Faucet Will Make You Four Cups Per Coffee Every Minute



It’s Monday morning, and oh gawd, I need this: a faucet of espresso I can just pour into a cup by pulling my iPhone out and launching an app.

This magical machine is called the Scanomat Top Brewer and it consolidates all of the various coffee making gadgets — grinder, espresso machine, foamer, whizzanozzle, you name it — below your counter, out of sight. All you see is a minimalist bend of pipe and a small grate to catch the overage.

How do you use it? Either through a dedicated iPhone or iPad app, or using an LCD touchscreen if you want to make your coffee the old fashioned way.

All in all, the Top Brewer can make a sick amount of coffee, up to four cups per minute, which is almost as much coffee as I could drink at 9AM on a Monday morning.

Pricing? To be announced, but convenience this opulent requires bank.

[via Gizmodo]