Mac OS X 10.7.3 Beta Drivers Hint At New Mac Pros


Mac Pro

Apple has neglected to update its Mac Pro for just under 18 months now, and recent speculation has suggested that the company may be set to discontinue the high-end desktop. However, according to drivers found in the latest Mac OS X 10.7.3 beta, a new Mac Pro is on its way, packing AMD’s upcoming “Tahiti” graphics cards.

Following the release of the 10.7.3 beta last Friday, discovered new references to an upcoming AMD graphics card nicknamed “Tahiti.” The cards in question are due to hit the market next January, and they are AMD’s new 28nm desktop cards, according to Fudzilla:

The new Tahiti series should end up with Radeon HD 7xxx branding and as it will come in XT and PRO flavours. It’s kind of safe to assume that Radeon HD 7970, codename Tahiti XT will be the fastest single chip card from AMD while the Radeon HD 7950 will be codename for the Tahiti PRO product.

Of course, the only Mac that uses desktop-class graphics cards is the Mac Pro. With support for this card in OS X 10.7.3, it appears that a new Mac Pro, or at least a refreshed model, is indeed on its way — as noted by

The presence of these drivers suggests that Apple will release the aforementioned graphics chip with the next-generation Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is the only Mac-series, which are used in desktop graphics chips. In all other Macs GPU Mobile versions can be found.

While it is feasible that Apple has introduced support for these cards for existing Mac Pros, whose users wish to upgrade theirs to the new AMD card, this isn’t typically the way the company works.

[via MacRumors]

  • Ben Brown


  • JamePetty

    Easy question. You don’t! I saw someone install it but it wouldn’t boot
    because there are no MAC drivers for PC hardware. Unless you do some
    hacks. Which like everyone else said is highly illegal.

  • Al

    I’m guessing this message is some sort of sophisticated spam. Who has a username called “Perfect Radiance Voucher Code” ? And he/she says “Which like everyone else said is highly illegal.” Who else? At time of writing this there are NO comments saying this anywhere on this page. Also, “Easy question. You don’t!” What question? From who? Where?

    It seems like this is a spam-bot which has copied a legit comment on the same story from another site and re-posted it here with a spam-link as as username.

    Alternatively the person is answering a question which does not exist, is agreeing with other commenters which do not exist, and have a very odd choice in usernames.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering, if you click the username spam link, there is no “voucher code” anyway. lol

  • McBanjo

    I have the latest iMac with the Better graphics card. It’s all you need for games. Skyrim plays with full settings beautifully.

  • Jordan Clay

    I have a feeling that the only people buying these Mac’s are super high end video editors.  They cost way more than an iMac and there only competitive advantage is expand-ability and upgrade-ability. 

    Apple has been focusing a lot more on the consumerism side of things lately.

  • Steven Chaffer

    I agree. I actually have a 2010 6 core with the Radeon 5870. I’ve been waiting for a LONG time for Apple to pull their head out of their @#$% and give us an updated card or release drivers for shelf cards so we can do it ourselves. I am a VERY devoted Apple fanboy but I admit, I got sick and tired of this control they must maintain.

     I got this machine to upgrade but I cant “upgrade” the video card unless its Apple “approved”. I gave up and had a nice PC built for me that Im gonna run side byu side with my pro. Its probably gonna be like this always due to Apple’s Nazi-like control over what go’s into thier machines. 

  • heeloliver

    ah, its no big deal. just a graphics card update. they have done many over the past, and if anybody wanted it they just bought it and put it in. the only thing that is changing is the card they put in there by default. 

    But maybe this card will have thunderbolt? Hm…

    Intel is working on PCI thunderbolt which I can guess lots of mac pro users would gladly install.

    What does everyone else think? What do you think this new card will have? 

  • Mike Rathjen

    I can’t believe you clicked the link. You seemed smart right up to that point.

  • Mike Rathjen

    5870 is a damn good card. I’m surprised it is holding you back.

    Anyway, if you go to netkas you can read up about using 6xxx series PC-based cards. It is possible.