Windows 8 Tablets To Appear Without Desktop App [Report]



Microsoft appears more intent on gunning for Apple when the software giant unveils its Windows 8 ARM-based tablets sometime in early 2012. Reports today suggest Microsoft is throwing out its desktop app and will go finger-to-finger with the iPad’s touchscreen only interface.

Until now, developers expected Windows 8 to support both Microsoft’s app-based Metro interface as well as the traditional desktop. However, Microsoft “has rethought that plan and is leaning toward cutting the Desktop from Windows 8 ARM tablets,” according to ZDNet.

If Microsoft goes ahead with dumping the desktop from the ARM tablet, it would both mark the first time the company has used the ARM processor, as well as placing the firm as a real iPad rival. It’s unknown whether a decision to drop the desktop would also cover notebooks powered by ARM, or limited to tablets.

Microsoft choosing to use only Metro-style apps on its tablets makes sense. After all, Apple uses iOS for its iPad and iPhone, but employs Mac OS X for its MacBooks and desktop machines.

  • Hampus

    Well having the desktop side on (Arm based) windows tablets would only confuse consumers as to why al their old desktop apps won’t work even in the desktop mode…
    Of course now you’ll have the confusion between the metro only arm and the normal version…

  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    This is exactly it. I always thought that the ARM Desktop demonstrations for Win 8 where more a proof of concept rather than something that would actually happen.

  • AvoidDroid

    Saying the word “Microsoft” evokes a yawn…

  • cliqsquad

    Microsoft must really not get or I don’t?

     What is the point in having both ARM processor  and Intel/AMD tablets. The tablets that run Intel/AMD are naturally going to be more expensive because of the licensing fee’s of Windows are going to be higher for the full blown Windows version when compared to the limited ARM version. Plus the component (Mainly Intel Chips will be the biggest hardware expense) prices will be cheaper for ARM processors devices because they will require less of a footprint. Why should these vendors reduce Android alliance for Windows 8? They have to pay a licensing fee to Microsoft and not to Google, Plus the cheaper ARM tablets will most likely cannibalize the sales of the more expensive Intel/AMD tablets. 

  • John Mozelewski

    so is there going to be desktop windows 8(like a laptop/home pc) or is it all going to be tablets?

  • markrlangston

    This might be all for the best.

    After playing around with the Dev Preview I could already hear the screams of utter frustration as people trying to navigate between the Metro OS and the Desktop OS. 

  • Guest

    I wish i could like that comment times a hundred:)