Photo Toaster Offers A Whole Lot Of Image Editor For One Dollar [Review]



Photo Toaster is a photo editor for iPad, packed with features and on sale now at a bargain price.

The name might suggest an app that just does one thing, but don’t be fooled. You don’t just throw images in and wait for them to cook. Photo Toaster gives you plenty of options for editing your images and exporting them to a good variety of services and other apps.

One very nice feature is a choice of editing modes. If you just want to select from some presets, visible as thumbnails of the image you’re currently editing, you can do that.

But tap an icon and instead of the presets you’ll see sliders, giving you access to precise controls. Nicer still, once you’ve changed to this “advanced” mode (for want of a better name), you’ll stay inside it even if you switch to a different set of controls. A small detail, but it adds to the overall effect.

The app works fast (especially on an iPad 2), and handles your images with care using non-destructive processing. You can experiment all you like, without worrying about damaging the original image.

Some of the in-app icons seem a little odd. The vignette tool has a little stars on it, which suggests an auto-enhance mode or magic touch-up tool to me. And the button used to switch to super-simple “toaster” mode (again, for want of a better word) is a globe, rather than, well, a toaster.

These are just small quibbles, though. Overall, Photo Toaster is a pretty damn good image editor for your iPad, at a price that even peanuts would find insultingly cheap. Worth grabbing.

[xrr rating=80%]