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Kensington Launches World’s Biggest USB Thumb Drive


Kingston's 256GB DataTraveler
Kingston's 256GB DataTraveler

The days when you plugged your tiny thumb drive into your Mac may be over; memory maker Kingston Monday unveiled the 256GB DataTraveler 300 — more hard drive space than many desktop or laptop computers.

This thumb drive isn’t meant to transfer a few MP3s or an occasional Word or Excel file. No, the European branch of Kingston reports the DataTraveler has bigger tasks in mind, like 51,000 images or 365 CDs.

“This demonstrates how far flash technology has developed,” Antoine Harb, business development manager for Kingston Technology in the Middle East is quoted. Could this signal Apple a flash memory iMac or MacBook is possible?

Before you run out and grab a pocket-full of gigabytes, there may be a couple hitches: one is the record-breaking pricetag ($924). Another is sales for now are limited to Europe, according to reports.

If you still have a yen for a thumb drive, today’s Daily Deals have several budget-friendly offers.

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