FieldFolio For iPad 2: Beautifully Designed & Different [Review]



The FieldFolio case ($70) for iPad 2 is an innovative case that’s inspired by classic cloth-bound notebooks. It’s manufactured by hand from recycled board and cotton-blend bookbinding linens, and traditionally bound just like a real book. But instead of paper inside it, you’ll find a custom-fit cradle that houses your iPad.

The cover boasts a built-in magnetic array that works just like Apple’s Smart Cover — waking your device when you open the case, and putting it to sleep again when you close it.

One of the most attractive things about the FieldFolio is that it’s available in six eye-catching colors, including blue, orange, green, pink, black, and grey.

The Good:

One of the first things I noticed about the FieldFolio case is that it’s a guaranteed head-turner. When you’re sat in your local coffee shop and you pull out what looks like a notepad, only to reveal a half-finished game of Angry Birds inside, you get a lot of attention.

Now, I suppose that could either be a good or a bad attribute depending on whether or not you like the attention, but I thought it was a fitting testament to the FieldFolio’s beautiful design and ingenuity.

It’s also a sturdy case that will keep your iPad protected from dings while inside your bag, and from scratches while being dragged around on the surface of your desk. The built-in cradle clings onto your iPad very comfortably, and provides easy access to your dock connector, volume rocker, headphone jack, and sleep/wake button.

Furthermore, the FieldFolio’s manufacturing quality is evident throughout, with nothing to suggest the case is likely to fall apart after months of general use.

When open with the front folded behind the case, the FieldFolio is elevated just enough to provide a comfortable surface when typing.

The Bad:

While the FieldFolio does provide a good typing surface — just like your Smart Cover — it does not provide a stand. You can stand it up and use the front cover as support, but it’s not ideal at all. On shiny surfaces especially, it’ll just fall straight down.

Despite its build quality, the FieldFolio does damage easily if you don’t take care of it. If you’re keeping in a bag, as I have done, you’ll find after a few weeks of use that the edges of the case begin to bend slightly, and the cotton cover will begin to wear.


As long as you take good care of it, you’ll be very pleased with the FieldFolio. It’s a unique and beautifully designed iPad case will keep your device free from abuse, while maintaining its graceful image. And it’s one of the most attractive iPad cases I’ve seen for some time.

[xrr rating = 80%]

  • shahn

    I really like the linen book look and there are a few other companies that make it very similar.
    But there are at least 3 issues:

    – It takes away from ipad’s thin design and makes it bulky
    – Viewing options are very limited compared to other cases
    – At $70, it’s overprices by at least $20

  • Rick Boza

    It seems like an odd way to approve of a case – ‘As long as you take care of it, you’ll be very pleased with it…?’

    No offense, but I buy a case for my iPad specifically so I can be less careful with how I toss it in my bag or to protect it should I drop it.  I don’t want a case that requires protection.  This seems like a neat idea, I applaud the fact that they’re using recycled materials, but it sounds like a failure if you have to be especially careful to maintain the case!

  • TannerBott

    sorry killian but how exactly is this case “beautifully designed and different”?
    this is pretty much the same case design as the dodocase only the dodocase in my eyes looks a hell of a lot better, plus it’s made partly of wood and it’s 10 bucks cheaper then the feildfolio 

    i would never pay 70 bucks for that case, fuck that

  • TiffanyKennedy

    My bf got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I love it.  It’s lightweight and easy to use straight out of the box.  The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app.  We got our instructions from through google.  It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device.  Super happy!

  • 1JKM

    if they would just sell the plastic cradle for say 15$, I’d recycle some old book myself. Or get a local bookbinder to really personalize something.

  • JohnJohnJ

    Author, you say “…beautifully designed and different…” No. And way overpriced.

  • Bob Forsberg

    $70 for recycled materials? Maybe if it wasn’t some ones recycled kleenex in the cover it might be worth $35. Hope they didn’t take a long term lease on their office/warehouse.

  • wadehm

    No stand and it is subject to damage AND it is $70.00? You have to be careful and take care of the cover? Really? The cover is supposed to take care of the iPad! Fail. And you fail for too many stars for something that is overpriced and essentially worthless.

  • Kevin Hunter

    This is just a knock-off of the Dodocase . Personally i think the bookbook is superior to them all.

  • floTCF

    Here in Gemany is a company called ‘germanmadepunkt’ on ;) They produce also such cases but with more features and a lot, a lot better! When you want to show a case which looks a little bit like a book, you should know them! They have great cases with great qualitiy!! :)

  • Joe

    Innovative? ROFL!!!! It’s a damn binder! It’s nothing more than cloth and cardboard and $70?! Seriously?

  • Bill Gates

    The only gourgeous part of this case is the frame. http://www.portenzo offers a better platform in the gorgeous range. Not only that it has to be one of the most customizable cases for sale today, check them out.

  • Valmad

    This is beautiful, my wife has one and has wasted money and tried DoDo and portenzo previously and both are crap compared to the fieldfolio fit and finish. The fieldfolio looks fantastic and the iPad is held securely and that is more than can be said for the dodo.
    When she first unpackaged the DoDo case we though it was OK , but after a few days and a closer look, you start to see how crappy it is made. Then she tried the portenzo, and frankly it is a bit agricultural.  So to all the negative nellies out there if you put the three side by side you soon see how much better the fieldfolio is and its about the same price. And it does stand up, a bit low when turned all the way back but it works. So yes from someone who has tried all three now, just buy the fieldfolio if you want a book style case.