Apple Has Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Banned In Australia For Another Week



Just a day after the injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was lifted in Australia, allowing Samsung to sell the device down under for the first time, Apple has won a one-week extension that will once again put the tablet’s launch on hold while it prepares its appeal to the High Court.

The ban has been extended until December 9, according to a Bloomberg report, when Australia’s top court will consider Apple’s appeal:

High Court Justice John Dyson Heydon today extended the ban on the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Dec. 9. On that day, the country’s top court will consider Apple’s request for permission to appeal a lower court’s order issued earlier this week, which lifted a ban on the product that has been in place since mid-October.

“A stay for one week will cost Samsung, in effect, one week’s trade,” Heydon said, following a 90-minute hearing in Sydney. The extension will hurt Samsung “but not to extend the status quo is likely to be injurious to Apple,” he said.

Samsung was hoping to have its Android-powered Galaxy Tab on sale in Australia in time for the holiday season. The company planned to start sales today, with shipments making their way into the country this weekend, but the court is willing to keep Samsung waiting until Apple has presented its request for appeal.

This will be another blow to Samsung, which has been waiting to launch its iPad rival in Australia for months. However, Samsung’s lawyer, Katrina Howard, said if the company cannot launch the device in time for Christmas, it will scrap plans to release it in the country altogether. “This is a critical period of time,” Howard said. “Even one day can make a difference.”

Not only is this a blow for Samsung, but it’ll also be a disappointment to Android users who have been looking forward to the device’s release.

[via MacRumors]

  • Gerry Doire

    Samsung is the leading copy cat technology company in the world, and they know how to play the game.

  • CharliK

    Just for the record the first sentence is wrong. The ban was never lifted. This second judge had decided that the case wasn’t so cut and dry and under Oz law he had to remove the injunction. Apple, in that same breath,  asked for an extension to file an appeal and was given it. Until 4pm on Friday. If they failed to have the filing in by that time THEN the injunction would be lifted until they actually filed and won an appeal. But they did get it in on time and included a request to have the injunction extended while their ‘permission to appeal’ request was being processed and heard and it was granted.  

    but at no point was it ever actually not present during all of this.