Check out Steve Note, All of his Best Public Appearances in One Place



There have been a countless articles and even books about how you might channel Steve Jobs trademark style for presentations, but you’d have a hard time finding videos of all of those talks in one spot.

Enter It’s a labor of love from web designer Fabio Fiss, who thought it would be a fitting tribute to the late Apple co-founder to gather all of his public appearances by topic in one place.

What’s there so far? You can watch Jobs’ ground-breaking speeches at Macworld, WWDC, Apple Expo, Seybold, plus his demos for NeXt – back when he was still donning three-piece suits – as well as ads, interviews and documentaries, including the recent “One Last Thing” special from PBS. is still a work in progress, the WWDC 2010 page gives an idea of what Fiss wants to do with the entire archive – breaking down the talk into searchable bits of text with splices of video.

If you haven’t seen some of these in awhile, it’s a great trip down memory lane. It’s kinda hard to believe Bill Gates ever went for that “Dating Game” spoof in the 1983 event unless you actually watch it.

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  • Zudeo

    It’s still hard to believe he’s gone..

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

  • Steve Jobs Videos

    I am doing something similar to  I started by trying to categorize and organize all of the video of Steve Jobs speaking.  I do not have the design skills that Fabio Fiss has, but I am also doing my site because I Steve Jobs was one of most intriguing people of the last 100 years and I loved his work.

    My site is

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    WOW…………………. Ive been dreaming of this for YEARS… this makes me wet (drewl)